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Signs A Professional Office Needs

When companies think of business signs, they usually picture the signs that are installed outside the building to alert prospective customers to their location. While outdoor signs are very important to direct and inform your customers, the indoor signs are equally important.

Building Code
The Current Status of ADA Regulations in Ontario

ADA regulations ensure that buildings are easily accessible for people with disabilities. The provisions ensure the installation of ADA signs across buildings and public spaces so that people with disabilities do not have any problem. The current status of ADA regulations in Ontario, Canada could be summarized through the following:

BIC marketing office
How Corporations Use Wallpaper

Corporations across the world are becoming more aware of the effects of using custom wallpaper to enhance the décor of the work environment. After all, the office is a very important place; it demands the efforts, ideas, and time of the people who work there. The place should be designed in a way that recognizes and rewards their commitment of time and energy. Proper visual stimulus can boost the productivity and performance of employees.

Perforated vinyl graphics applied to windows
The Advantages of Perforated Vinyl Graphics

Window perf is typically a PVC vinyl with an adhesive back that is perforated in a pattern of evenly spaced round holes. The biggest advantage of it is that it provides full visibility to the graphics from the outside while allowing light through to the people inside. It is also referred to as “one-way vision film”, or “see-through vinyl”.

Installation of a vehicle wrap
5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Vehicle Wrapped

If your business has a company car or a fleet of vehicles, using vehicle graphics to raise your business’ profile is an excellent branding strategy. Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective marketing tools available, and an easy and eye-catching way to make a good impression when your company representatives are on the road.  Here’s a list of the most essential things to take into account when you are planning to invest in vehicle graphics:

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Vehicle?

The sign industry is an exciting one due to the fact that every job is unique. At SSK Signs we go to great lengths to ensure we understand what each customer is hoping to accomplish with their signage project before we put a quote together. But often the first question customers ask is “how much is it going to cost?”

The Marketing Impact of Vehicle Graphics

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Businesses are quick to react to new strategies, taking to mobile and social media platforms to market their brands across a variety of channels. The outdoor advertising industry is quickly following suit. Vehicle wraps, a relatively new entrant to the realm of outdoor advertising, is one of the most powerful and dynamic advertising platforms available today. It is becoming increasing in popularity and has become a staple of marketing for small and large business owners across the country. Research has indicated that audiences are readily engaged by mobile media like vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, compared to traditional modes of outdoor advertising like billboards. Answering the questions below will help you determine whether vehicle graphics are a sound investment for your business:

Outdoor building sign for Tail Blazers in Etobicoke
Must Have Signs For Retail Businesses

If you want to run a successful retail business that attracts the right customers and generates sales, people need to notice you. The smart retailers know that it starts with having the right signage. Good quality signs are a great way to generate foot traffic and communicate your message across to the customers when designing your store. Good signage is as important to your brick-and-mortar business as your website design and your retail signage must never be treated like an afterthought.

Lobby Signs: Why Your Business Needs Them

Lobby signs are the first impression your visitors receive when they enter your location. It represents your brand/company – is yours sending out the right message? You need to have a high-quality sign that is designed with the message of the company in mind. Here are a few tips to purchase the lobby sign that is best for your business:


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