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5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Vehicle Wrapped

If your business has a company car or a fleet of vehicles, using vehicle graphics to raise your business’ profile is an excellent branding strategy. Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective marketing tools available, and an easy and eye-catching way to make a good impression when your company representatives are on the road.  Here’s a list of the most essential things to take into account when you are planning to invest in vehicle graphics:

Partial vehicle wrap on a van in Toronto

1. Eye-catching design – Essentially, a branded vehicle is a mobile form of advertising. So, the graphic design that goes on the vehicle must be done with as much attention to detail as your other marketing campaigns. When it comes to the vehicle wrap, do not let your personal preferences of colour or style get in the way of your purpose and goal. Good design for a vehicle wrap is different than good design for your website or facility. You should focus on creating a high-impact design that will grab attention and a call action. Do not be afraid to get humorous and creative with your design. If your company vehicles go through areas with high traffic, it is sure to catch the next attention of hundreds of potential customers.

2. Layout – It is important to get the layout right when you’re investing in the vehicle graphics. Key information such as your telephone number and website must be in a logical and visible position. The layout and size of the vehicle wrap should fit your specific vehicle. Some body lines would detract from the message so these area should not contain text. The right planning is an essential step when designing vehicle graphics. So, don’t cut corners in the first stages.

3. Professional vs DIY Design – For the aforementioned reasons, letting a professional vehicle graphics company take over the design of your vehicle wrap is a smart choice. As with other marketing initiatives it is best if you are clear on the outcome you want. This can range from new phone, web or in person contacts. Installing a wrap is quite different than installing other forms of vinyl graphics. Imperfections like bubbles and creases can ruin even the best graphical effects. A skilled installer knows the limits of the material and develops a game plan that best suits the specific body style and design. Hiring an expert will ensure that you avoid any pitfalls and the final result looks fantastic.

Installation of a vehicle wrap

4. Timing – There are a variety of materials available for varying time frames and budgets. If your requirement is for a specific event where the wrap only needs to be in place for a month or 2 this would allow for the use of some of the more economical materials. If you are looking to keep the design and vehicle for 5 years a different set of materials should be used.

5. How Much To Wrap – It depends on your brand and what you want to accomplish with this marketing activity. The possibilities range from lettering on the back window or sides to a ½, ¾ or full wrap. Some include perforated vinyl on the windows while others completely cover the rear windows. The best marketing area is the rear half of the vehicle as this area can be seen as people pull behind and pass you (driving a little slower helps you to be seen by more potential customers) A complete wrap definitely makes a statement about your brand.

Vehicle wrap on a van in Mississauga

If it is done right, vehicle wrapping is a great way to help market your brand on the move. It will boost your local, regional and even nationwide presence. If they are designed and installed professionally, they can really establish your company’s presence in the market. You will generate inquiries and sales by just going about your daily business.

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