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Fascia Signs

What is fascia signage? It’s one of the most common outdoor building signs you see due to its versatility and effectiveness. They are predominately rectangular in shape with an acrylic face. Most are lit. Fluorescent bulbs are common in older signs with the new ones being built with LEDs.

The advantage of these signs is the consistent look they create in a plaza and the ease in updating to a new logo or message. Once the sign is installed it is possible to replace the face for a fraction of the cost of a new sign.

Types of Fascia Signs

Fascia signs are highly visible and work well to catch the eye of your target audiences. They most typically appear on the front of a Toronto building to promote the services or products that your business offers, but can actually be fitted almost anywhere that will benefit your location.

There are several building fascia signs design options available that can be customized to suit your brand image including:

  • Individual fascia lettering
  • Built-up fascia letters
  • Aluminum tray signs
  • Illuminated fascia signs
  • Molded lettering
  • Flat-cut lettering
  • Vinyl graphics

As with most outdoor business signs, a permit is required for a new installation. Be sure to work with a trusted signage partner to ensure your sign meets all requirements. As this can vary between cities, a local sign partner is the best option for a smooth experience with limited challenges.

Uses for Fascia Signs

SSK Signs can handle all of your signage projects from concept to installation. If you are in the Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Milton areas and need a fascia sign – call SSK Signs today.

Great uses for fascia signs:

  • Retail store exterior sign
  • Exterior signs where images are included in the graphics
  • In locations where regular graphic changes are planned

Retail fascia signs help create a professional look and can really set your location apart, especially if you’re part of a busy retail plaza. You want your storefront to be easy to find and welcoming, and this exterior signage option works well to accomplish just that.

The cost of fascia signs in Toronto will vary based on the material you choose and the size of the sign. In addition, adding illumination can increase the cost but you’ll benefit from the excellent visibility that will allow your brand to be seen day or night.

How Long Do Fascia Signs Last?

It’s natural to wonder how long your storefront signs will last. After all, this is an investment in your business and you want to ensure you get good value from the signs you order. While there are a number of factors that will impact how long your fascia sign will last, the good news is that these signs are durable and wear well, helping your business look great for years to come.

Some of the factors that will influence the lifespan of your sign include:

  • The type of materials used
  • The weather in your location
  • Regular maintenance

At the very least, most signs will last for five years before they need significant maintenance or replacement. However, higher-quality signs, like those produced by SSK Signs, and signs that receive regular maintenance can last for 10 years or more.

Fascia Signs from SSK Signs

If you’re looking for top-quality fascia signs near you, reach out to SSK Signs. Serving businesses in all industries, we can create custom signs that will elevate your Toronto area location. We can create dynamic acrylic signs that highlight your brand and make your location easy to find.

While acrylic remains a popular material choice for fascia signs, we can create your sign from a wide range of materials, or a mix of materials, including aluminum, steel, vinyl, other plastics, or polycarbonate.

Whatever your needs, SSK Signs is ready to work with you and deliver the exact signage you need. To learn more about working together or about how a fascia sign can help your business succeed, contact us.



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