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Signs A Professional Office Needs

When companies think of business signs, they usually picture the signs that are installed outside the building to alert prospective customers to their location. While outdoor signs are very important to direct and inform your customers, the indoor signs are equally important. They are a very essential component to any successful business. Lobby signs, directional signs, wall signs, wayfinding signs, ADA signs, and other signs that dispense information make your office space look professional and projects a sense of order and clarity in the organization. The signs can be custom matched to the décor of your building and end up enhancing the overall look and feel of your facility. Here is a list of signage products that are a must have for any office environment:

  1. Lobby Signs – The reception area marker is the most powerful and impactful sign in your office. It is the first thing that clients notice when they set foot inside the office and it single-handedly sets the tone and mood for the experience that they can expect to have at your company. A chic and sophisticated marker shows a great deal of care and attention to detail. Metal signs can invoke a feeling of longevity and durability. An innovative sign made with colours and acrylics make the people in search of technical and artistic know-how realize that they have stepped foot in the right place. The manufacturing, colour and material options for your custom signs are practically endless.

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Lobby Signs

  1. Conference room and office door signs – If you want your office environment to look professional, it is essential to have signs for the conference rooms and office doors. Using brushed metal sliding signs to show the availability of a conference room lends an air of efficiency to the workplace. There are a variety of options when it comes to name plaques that go up on the office doors. Brushed metal is the most preferred as it has a sheen and polish that make it stand out. The cubicle name plates and door signs can be custom made to fit your office environment.
  1. ADA/Braille Signs – Companies are mandated, in most provinces, to have disability signs at their workplace. Some businesses are not yet compliant. By not installing proper signs, they open themselves up to costly fines and lawsuits. The standards have detailed specifications on the look of the signs, the mounting height, location and even the contrast required. Working with an expert signage professional makes all the difference.


  1. Wayfinding Signs – If customers feel lost when they are in your office building, they are not likely to visit you again. A customer who is nervous, overwhelmed or simply running late by the transaction at hand should not have to worry about where to go and whom to speak to. Panel and post signs, wayfinding directories with arrows, hanging markers and simple pylons make it easy for the client or visitor to make their way around your office without having to ask for help.
  1. Wall & Window Graphics – These have a huge impact on the atmosphere of your office. They can provide a high-energy environment, a restful backdrop or offer a view at imagery that is specific to a niche. They can also add the privacy required for your customers. It can serve the dual purpose of educating the customers and working with the décor to beautify the interior of the office. All it takes is a designer that will listen to your needs to help create the environment your business requires.Window-Graphics

Office signs are an investment every company should make. It lends an air of professionalism and order to your company, reinforcing the trust of the customers. Take time to sit down with an experienced signage company to design your signs. It’s a small and necessary investment for every business.

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