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Installation Of Signs

A great sign can’t compensate for a poor installation. A sign that is correctly installed will add to the appeal of the new sign to maximize the ROI of the project. A poorly installed sign will tell your customers, employees, and suppliers that “doing it right” is not a priority of your company.

SSK Signs can work with you to make sure your business signage looks good and stands the test of time.  Let our professional installers maximize the impact of your new signage in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and surrounding areas.

Great reasons to use professional installers

  • They have extensive experience working with the materials.
  • Their experiences allow them to choose the best method to install/secure your sign.
  • They’ve spent years dealing with unique situations so they can handle whatever comes up.

What is Sign Installation?

When it comes to sign installation, many people envision someone coming to put up their new sign but don’t give it much thought past that. In reality, custom sign installation is more complicated than that.

In addition to determining the best place and the best way to install your indoor or outdoor signs, experienced sign fitters need to be aware of any limitations, troubleshoot complications, and ensure that safety is top of mind. No one wants their sign to be hanging dangerously, or worse yet, fall apart and be a hazard to potential customers walking by!

As a trusted local sign shop in Toronto, SSK Signs can install your new sign in a safe, efficient, and professional way. Not sure about permits and bylaws that may affect your installation? We can help with that too!

Types of Signage Installation

From vehicle wraps to channel letters, different types of signs require different types of installation. It’s important you choose a sign installation contractor that has experience with your particular type of sign. Not only does your sign need to be mounted properly, but there can often be some pre-work that needs to happen in order for the installation to go smoothly.

Sign installation may involve:

  • Cleaning walls or floors so that graphics adhere properly.
  • Completing wall repair so that mounting brackets can be installed.
  • Following branding or ADA guidelines so that indoor signs are mounted as required.
  • Electrical work in order to illuminate your sign as per the design.
  • Digging or excavating in order to properly anchor a monument or post sign.
  • Working with property managers or landlords to schedule sign installation.

As you can see, the time and effort required for sign installation will vary, which is why the cost of sign installation can vary too, depending on the work required. For those Toronto companies needing multiple new signs, be sure to work with a sign company that can install each and every sign type correctly.

Find Commercial Sign Installers Near Me

After you’ve gone to the trouble of designing and investing in a quality sign that will get your business noticed, be sure to follow through and secure professional installation too. If you’re looking for a sign installation company in Toronto that you can trust, contact SSK Signs.

With experience installing various sign types and an understanding of the important role installation plays when it comes to a sign’s effectiveness, our team will work with you to ensure everything gets completed safely and correctly.

Whether you have a need for one new sign or are looking to replace and revitalize all your business signs, SSK Signs can provide signage solutions from start to finish that supports your success. Don’t let signage placement and installation be your downfall, make the decision to work with professional installers that you can trust.

To learn more about our design, manufacturing, and installation options, give us a call at 905 282 2225.



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