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Custom Blade Signs

Blade signs are extremely versatile. They can be created using a more traditional design, or they have the potential to be very innovative, delivering a unique look for your business. If you’re wondering, “what is a blade sign?” It’s a type of sign attached to a surface that sticks out on a perpendicular angle. They can be used as an interior or an exterior sign and are very effective when it comes to attracting more foot traffic.

Hanging blade signs can be designed to be mounted in several different ways. From a simple pole or frame system to a more decorative armature bracket, Toronto area businesses can choose from several shapes and sizes in order to achieve their desired look.

Uses of Blade Signs and How They Can Be Beneficial For Your Mississauga Business

Exterior or interior blade signs effortlessly catch the attention of people passing by your Mississauga location since they project right out of the wall. Whether you own a cafe or a retail store, blade signage is a great option to help draw in more customers.

Learn more about your options and how using these eye-catching signs can help your Toronto area business grow.

  • Outdoor blade signs are a great option if you need wayfinding signage. Since the sign sticks out perpendicularly from a building, it’s really useful for helping direct people into your location.
  • Particularly popular in busy shopping areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, blade signs for retail can be designed to be double-sided so that you attract customers coming from all directions. These hanging signs are typically suspended above a storefront doorway.
  • You can customize these modern hanging signs in several ways. For example, consider installing an illuminated blade sign or a vertical blade sign to attract even more attention to your business.

Types of Blade Signs

The cost of blade signs for your Toronto business will depend on the size, shape, lettering, and graphics that you choose to represent your brand and your message. While an unlit double-sided hanging sign may be the most economical option, SSK Signs can work with you to determine the right sign to meet your budget and your needs.

Some popular options to consider are:

  • Round blade sign – this option offers a modern aesthetic that is great for displaying graphics, logos, and lettering.
  • Stationary blade sign – this type of sign mounts a flat blade sign directly to a wall or other suitable support like a pole.
  • 3D blade sign – take your sign up a notch by adding 3D letters or shapes.
  • Illuminated blade sign – this can be created using neon lighting or by designing an interior lit sign.

Toronto area businesses can choose from different materials like wood, plastic, metal, and aluminum in order to create a sign that works for your needs. Brand elements can come to life thanks to creatively designed blade signage that will make your exterior pop. Not only is this type of sign a great way to increase visibility, but they’re full of character too and can really help showcase your business personality.

Find Blade Signs Near Me

If you need design or blade sign manufacturing in Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton, look no further than SSK Signs. Our team is well equipped to support your signage needs every step of the way. We offer some of the highest quality blade signs available and can work with you to create a sign that is durable, improves visibility, and makes your location stand out. If you’re interested in custom blade signage for your storefront, restaurant, or professional space, contact us now to get started on the project that’s right for you.


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