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Wall Murals

Wall Murals - Digitally Printed

How Wall Murals Have Evolved Over Time?

Last century, if you wanted a custom wall graphic for your company you had to hire an artist to hand paint it. This was time-consuming and expensive. Or you could search for stock wallpaper with a repeating pattern. Today’s technology can produce a custom image on commercial wallpaper or wall vinyl that transforms a room, hall, or wall overnight. A good quality digital image or images can be combined to create that custom look you want. The entire wall can be one image, no more repeating patterns.

Imagine enlarging pictures of your early products and/or other sites to be displayed for all customers to see. With the number of stock photo sites available you can easily find an image, or you can have a custom graphic created that will transform a wall or room into a unique location that people will remember and talk about. One of the current design trends is to create inspiration walls with words, phrases, or quotes that suit your business, customers, and employees.

How Wall Murals Benefit Businesses?

If you are looking to bring life to your interiors, change the way your office lobbies, hallways, personal cabins, and conference rooms appear, mural wallpapers are a great choice. They help in strengthening indoor branding and expose visitors to the creative side of your business. Custom wall murals are known to boost employee morale as they improve the working environment.

Great uses for digitally printed custom wall murals:

  • To display the company’s history as a unique timeline
  • As a showcase for your products or locations
  • To inspire employees
  • Brand development
  • To create a unique environment for a restaurant, hotel, etc.

Components of A Modern Wall Mural?

If you have not done it before, it is very easy to get confused while choosing the perfect wall mural for your business. As there are so many possibilities when it comes to the design, finding the right wallpaper that aligns with your brand, complements the interior décor can become stressful. Here we have made a list of items that be included on a custom wall mural to make it more effective and attractive:

  • Your Business Logo
  • Your Brand’s Tag Line
  • Company’s Mission Statement
  • Your Product Line/ Major Products
  • Recent Accomplishments
  • Upcoming Events
  • Motivational Quotes

Custom-Made Wall Murals for Your Toronto Offices

Successful Toronto companies use every tool they can to positively influence their bottom line. Often overlooked, your company’s wall space can play a vital role in enhancing customer experience, improving employee morale and productivity, and cementing your brand messaging. Commercial wall murals are a simple but customizable solution that can take your business space to the next level.

At SSK Signs, we can work with you to come up with decorative wall murals designed to specifically provide the right solution for your needs. Whether your Toronto business is looking to add logos, text, images, or other design elements, our team can help you come up with a one-of-a-kind look.

Uses of Wall Murals

Paint or basic wallpaper can only take the interior of your business so far. Custom, eye-catching, transformative mural wallpaper can bring life to your space. There are so many ways you can use murals to improve your interior. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider adding them to your walls.

  1. Maximize your space: Not only can they help smaller spaces look bigger, but adding something unique like 3D wall murals can go a long way in helping you make the most of the space you have.
  1. Liven up a room: Want to quickly improve your office design? Without changing anything else or undertaking a costly renovation, adding a mural will make a space more attractive and more dynamic. Peel and stick wall murals are great options for those renting their commercial space.
  1. Tell your brand’s story: Toronto wall murals should be thought of as a form of visual marketing that gives you an opportunity to showcase who you are. Fill a mural with company colours and brand imagery or showcase your corporate values.
  1. Create a better workspace: An inspiring wall mural can serve as a daily source of motivation and inspiration for employees which will help keep productivity high.

Making Wall Murals Work for Your Business

There are so many types of wall murals to choose from, but the right option will come down to what you’re trying to achieve and the industry you’re in. Whether your business is focused on wellness or is a new retail space trying to entice customers, SSK Signs can help make the most of your wall space.

Some examples include:

  • Using murals to help corporate offices reflect their company culture.
  • Adding striking imagery in waiting areas of hotels and restaurants.
  • Creating a calm atmosphere in wellness and yoga spaces.
  • Advertising products in retail spaces with creatively designed wall murals.

Office walls are essentially a blank canvas, but you can transform them into anything you want, thanks to versatile murals. You can make a space feel modern and edgy, or you can transform the atmosphere into something serene. This low maintenance and affordable interior signage option makes it an excellent choice for businesses of all kinds.

Toronto's Most Trusted Custom Wall Mural Company!

SSK Signs offers wall murals and removable wallpaper options designed to enhance your business space. Once we customize your ideal design, your mural will be printed using durable, high-quality material that’s made to last. Choose from a wide range of colours and patterns, or let us incorporate your high-resolution images. Wall murals have the ability to completely revitalize your interior. If your Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton area business is considering adding murals to your space, contact SSK Signs today to learn more about our custom options and professional installation.

Wall Murals FAQ

150 PPI (pixels per inch) image at 100% size is the resolution we would recommend to ensure that printed graphics will look sharp when viewed from a close distance. Some images and applications can get away with a lower resolution.
Yes, you can. We work with a great variety of vinyl materials, and one of the criteria considered when selecting a material is the surface that the wall graphics will be installed, along with its expected life span and environmental conditions.
Yes, we can. Commercial grade wallcoverings are available in several different finishes and textures, and all of them are printable.
No, it won’t, in most cases. Wallpaper adhesive is water-based, so it will come off easily if necessary. As for vinyl applications, there are specific materials designed with low tack adhesive, exactly to prevent situations like that from happening. Some people may choose to install vinyl with a permanent adhesive that will most likely remove some paint and possibly some of the drywall.
Yes, it is possible to wrap doors and furniture if desirable. However, a site survey would be required to evaluate surfaces and make sure expectations can be met.

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