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Case Study: SSK Signs and Strongco

Strongco Planning

Case Study Summary

  • The client approached SSK Signs in March 2017 to add graphics to their vehicles in order to increase brand awareness for their organization.
  • After an initial consultation, the decided solution was a partial vehicle wrap with images along the side of the vehicle to represent the client’s brand while distinguishing their three corporate divisions.
  • SSK Signs was able to offer the client a full-service approach from designing concepts, passing by approval of multiple customized graphics, created to suit each of the client’s line of business and its wide range of vehicle bodies, to SSK Signs’ ability to produce and install simultaneously several graphics package in different locations across Canada.
  • To date, SSK Signs has completed close to a hundred vehicle wraps for this specific client. They have been very pleased with the result and have committed to continue the program as they order new vehicles as leases expire.

Fleet Graphics for Strongco

About the Client

SSK Signs and Strongco

  • Strongco Corporation is a major multiline mobile equipment dealer with approximately 500 employees serving customers and managing operations from 26 branches across Canada.
  • Strongco sells, rents and services equipment used in diverse sectors such as construction, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, utilities, municipalities, waste management and forestry.
  • Strongco represents leading equipment manufacturers with globally recognized brands, including Volvo Construction Equipment, Case Construction, Manitowoc Crane, including National and Grove, Terex Trucks, Fassi, Sennebogen, Konecranes and SDLG.

Project Overview

  • As Strongco wanted to add graphics to their vehicles, they connected with SSK Signs in March 2017 as a reliable and diligent partner willing to work together with them to connect all the dots prior to installation, while providing high quality graphic production.
  • After a consultation to discuss their vision, Strongco and SSK Signs agreed upon a partial wrap with images along the sides of the vehicle design direction.
  • Strongco and SSK coordinated together to contact the dealership to track down the vehicle’s delivery process, then, work on individual backward schedules to ensure that the truck would have the graphics already installed prior to delivery to their drivers.
Fleet graphics for Case in Brampton
Vehicle Graphics for Case in Brampton

The Challenges & Issues

  • Strongco came to realize that its fleet of vehicles (Ford 150s, Ford transit vans, and Ford 550s with custom boxes) could be employed as a media to advertise its equipment and services, as well as its brand partners, while enhancing its own brand awareness nationwide.
  • Strongco had limited graphic work done before on their vehicles and was looking for something different.
  • Strongco also had multiple challenges and issues to solve, including:
  1. How to represent graphically Strongco’s business divisions.
  2. How to design multiple graphic packages for each one of Strongco’s divisions and unique vehicle bodies.
  3. How to adjust the different products and phone numbers at Strongco’s locations across Canada.
  4. How to install remotely and simultaneously vehicle graphics in several locations across Canada.

Our Solution

  • Previous experience through working with Pusateri’s and Ten Thousand Villages designing and producing several signs and installing them in multiple locations helped SSK Signs to approach Strongco’s challenges more diligently.
  • After creating and approving design standards for each of Strongco’s line of business, SSK Signs put in place a numerical system to identify each graphics package variation.
  • This was key to ensure a smooth and efficient process from placing orders to making the necessary adjustments on graphics, then producing and, finally, installing them.
  • Package numbers are organized in a matrix system which can be updated as needed. With over 1500 combinations, each number identifies the line of business, vehicle body, location, phone number along with images and brand partners.
  • Given the circumstances of being an ongoing project, the package ID# has not only helped SSK Signs to ensure a more effective communication flow with all parties involved but also a lean lead time.
  • All the decisions were made collectively which has helped to address unforeseen challenges as well as enabled SSK Signs to give rapid responses as necessary throughout the project development, based on a foundation of mutual trust and understanding with the client.

The Results

  • To date, SSK Signs has completed close to a hundred vehicle wraps for Strongco. Strongco is pleased with the result and has committed to continue the program as they order new vehicles as leases expire.
  • Strongco has been so impressed with the large amount of impressions they have gained for very little advertising effort that they shared the following story with our team:
  • “One of our service people parked his newly wrapped vehicle in his home driveway, and he saw a neighbour outside taking pictures of the vehicle. The neighbour owned a landscaping company and was interested in renting some of Strongco’s equipment. In a short amount of time, the vehicle wraps were already generating leads and providing the sales increase Strongco wanted.”
  • Strongco’s new vehicle wraps not only provided higher brand awareness, but also clarity with potential customers on what they offered. The images on the wraps made it clear to consumers viewing the vehicles that Strongco distributes construction equipment.
  • Additionally, the vehicle wraps also boosted employee morale, as employees were excited to drive vehicles that looked better and represented their company.
  • Strongco has already experienced positive results because of their new vehicle wraps and they expect the wraps to drive sales in the future.
Fleet graphics for strongco with volvo hauler in Mississauga
Vehicle Graphics for Case in Brampton

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