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Case Study: SSK Signs and Strongco

Strongco Planning

Project Overview

Strongco Corporation is a major multiline equipment dealer with operations across Canada. The company sells, rents, and services equipment for industries such as construction, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, utilities, municipalities, waste management, and forestry. Strongco represents leading equipment manufacturers, including Volvo Construction Equipment, Case Construction, Manitowoc Crane, including National and Grove, Terex Cedarapids, Terex Trucks, Fassi, Sennebogen, Konecranes, and SDLG.

SSK Signs and Strongco

Strongco connected with SSK Signs in March 2017 because they wanted to add graphics to their vehicles to represent their brand and product range. Their vehicles included Ford 150s, Ford transit vans, and Ford 550s with custom boxes. Strongco had limited graphic work done before on their vehicles and was looking for something different. After a consultation to discuss their vision, Strongco and SSK Signs agreed upon a design direction. They decided upon a partial wrap with images along the sides of the vehicle, as those areas have the largest area for the placement of images. SSK Signs was tasked with creating vehicle wraps that represented Strongco’s brand while distinguishing their three corporate divisions: Multiline, Case, and Crane.

Fleet graphics for Case in Brampton
Vehicle Graphics for Case in Brampton

Challenges and Solutions

SSK Signs had five challenges to overcome during the design and creation process:

  • Graphically represent Strongco’s three divisions.
  • Source high quality, attractive images for the vehicle wraps.
  • Determine the best placement for the images.
  • Design different wraps to adjust for the different products and phone numbers at Strongco’s locations across Canada.
  • Remotely install some of the vehicle wraps.


SSK Signs decided to put the Strongco name in the same place on all the vehicles to provide consistency for Strongco’s brand. They also placed product images and logos representing the three divisions on the same area on all the vehicles. This resulted in the image on the driver’s side being consistent with each division, and the image on passenger’s side would vary depending on the division, specific sales person, location, and the piece of equipment Strongco wanted to advertise.

The images used for the vehicle wraps were provided by Strongco’s marketing manager. Most of their images were designed for print and their resolution was too low to be used for the vehicle wraps. SSK Signs also recommended that Strongco provide “beauty shots” (clean images with a white background) of their construction equipment to get the best result. Once Strongco sourced the high-resolution images, the team at SSK Signs was able to create the designs. The size and nature of the images was a challenge, as many of the graphics were of very large construction equipment. SSK Signs’s designer had to find an appropriate placement for the image on the vehicle that didn’t significantly cut off or distort the image, so passersby could easily recognize which piece of equipment was being represented.

Because Strongco is a national brand with locations across Canada, different phone numbers and images needed to be created to represent each location, vehicle model, and division. SSK Signs overcame this challenge by creating a matrix with all the possible design combinations. This allowed Strongco to select the package number for the vehicle wrap they wanted, which significantly simplified the communication with the leasing companies and the design and creation process of new wraps. Once the package number was ordered, SSK Signs was able to quickly create the wrap with the appropriate logos, phone numbers, images, and number of panels so it was ready to install.

SSK Signs also worked with their network of reputable installers to ensure that all of Strongco’s vehicle wraps were professionally installed, regardless of where in Canada the vehicle was located. SSK Signs printed the vehicle wraps at their Mississauga location, created detailed installation instructions, and shipped the wraps across Canada. They coordinated with Strongco and the installers to have the installation done remotely.


To date, SSK Signs has completed 19 vehicle wraps for Strongco. Strongco is pleased with the end result and has committed to continue the program as they order new vehicles as leases expire.

Vehicle wraps are a great way for brands to gather a large amount of impressions for very little effort, and this has proven true for Strongco. For example, Strongco told the SSK Signs’s team that one of their service people parked his newly wrapped vehicle in his home driveway, and he saw a neighbour outside taking pictures of the vehicle. The neighbour owned a landscaping company and was interested in renting some of Strongco’s equipment. In a short amount of time, the vehicle wraps were already generating leads and providing the sales increase Strongco wanted.

Vehicle wraps were an excellent choice for Strongco, as the company had some brand recognition but consumers were unsure of what they did. The images on the wraps made it clear to consumers viewing the vehicles that Strongco distributes construction equipment. This resulted in higher quality brand recognition for Strongco and more positive impressions. The vehicle wraps also boosted employee morale, as employees were excited to drive vehicles that looked better and represented their company. Strongco has already experienced positive results because of their new vehicle wraps and they expect the wraps to drive sales in the future.

Fleet graphics for strongco with volvo hauler in Mississauga
Vehicle Graphics for Case in Brampton

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