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Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

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Our Mission

SSK Signs’ mission is to inspire, educate and problem-solve all sign related needs for their clients.

SSK Signs will achieve their mission by:

  • Being Responsive – Doing extensive research that will lead to being able to provide unique solutions and options.
  • Being Consultative – Working with the client as part of their team.
  • Creating value and opportunity by bringing access to a network of 300+ other independent sign companies in North America.

Our Vision

Look Good, Be Distinct

Trusted signs experts that elevate the level of experience and solutions offered in the sign industry. Our Vision is to be the go-to people for our clients; make them look good by elevating their brand with interior, exterior signage and vehicle graphics.

In order to be seen as sign experts:

  • Operate with the philosophy that any challenge can be turned into an opportunity.
  • Service and solutions delivered to make clients look good. This will not only breed repeat business but create referrals which will lead to reaching sales goals.

Our Core Values

Genuine Care For Customers

  • We listen and understand what the customer wants.
  • We identify the issues, we don’t hope the customer doesn’t notice
  • We stay until the work the customer was expecting is complete
  • We look for ways to improve the customer’s experience

Respect / Helpful For All

  • Treat everyone and the environment we interact with
  • Assume everyone we interact with is a good person trying to
    do a good job.
  • Leave the work space in the condition you’d like to find it in.
  • We want to make a positive contribution to the world every day.
  • We encourage others to ask us for help.
  • We ask others how we can help them.

Positive “Can Do” Attitude

  • If the cup is empty, we’re happy we have a cup.
  • We look to solve issues with win-win solutions.
  • We look for ways to contribute versus waiting to be told.

Process Driven

  • We implement and follow our processes to ensure consistent results.
  • We have a process to improve our processes.
  • Everyone enforces the use of established processes.


  • We strive to be better.
  • We support others in their efforts to improve.
  • We are curious.
  • Business and personal growth.
  • Continuous improvement / learning.

Our Process

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