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Our Mission, Vision & Core Values


Our Mission

SSK Signs’ mission is to inspire, educate and problem-solve all sign related needs for their clients.

SSK Signs will achieve their mission by:

  • Being Responsive – Doing extensive research that will lead to being able to provide unique solutions and options.
  • Being Consultative – Working with the client as part of their team.
  • Creating value and opportunity by bringing access to a network of 300+ other independent sign companies in North America.

Our Vision

Look Good, Be Distinct

Trusted signs experts that elevate the level of experience and solutions offered in the sign industry. Our Vision is to be the go-to people for our clients; make them look good by elevating their brand with interior, exterior signage and vehicle graphics.

In order to be seen as sign experts:

  • Operate with the philosophy that any challenge can be turned into an opportunity.
  • Service and solutions delivered to make clients look good. This will not only breed repeat business but create referrals which will lead to reaching sales goals.

Our Core Values


SSK Signs prides themselves on being responsive to their clients and staff in a timely manner. It is understood by all stakeholders that there is an expected level of response time.

Active Listening

At the centre of providing good service is listening to the client. By taking their needs into account, SSK Signs aims to provide a solution that will deliver the right return on investment, save client’s time and money and achieve their goals.

Creative/ Thought Leadership

  • Consultative and customized approach.
  • Thought leaders - Remain up to date on industry trends to stay leading-edge. To have current materials, manufacturing, mounting methods and technology available to clients.
  • Have a wide range of vendors that work with SSK Signs to deliver unique solutions.



  • Ask questions to understand what the client wants. Take the time to understand the importance of what the client is trying to accomplish and then offer solutions.
  • Internal processes in place to deliver on commitments made.


  • Work in an industry and environment that is flexible, fun and friendly.
  • Ensure the customer’s passion is reflected in the solutions provided.
  • To continuously improve all areas of the company.

These core values define SSK Signs' company culture and in turn, drive actions and performance, which will lead to profits for all stakeholders. By using these core values to lead with purpose, SSK Signs will experience consistency in actions which foster employee and customer loyalty, resulting in the achievement of desired sales goals.

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