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Vinyl Signs


There’s almost no limit when it comes to the uses of vinyl signs. Vinyl is a very versatile and highly popular material used to create effective signage for businesses. Known for its durability and flexible nature, Toronto companies can gain great benefits from making use of vinyl signs or vinyl decals.

With many finishes and colours to choose from, vinyl signs can be customized for any Toronto business using their specific brand guidelines. Vinyl stickers and signs can add dimension to any interior space; however, thanks to their versatility, they’re also a great choice for outdoor signage as well.

Whatever types of vinyl signs you’re looking for, SSK Signs works with you to understand your needs and present the best possible solutions to help you achieve your goals. For those businesses looking to get top marketing results, call us at 647 792 5716 to learn more about how vinyl signs can help your business thrive. Our custom vinyl signs and graphics are an ideal choice for any business looking for eye-catching, durable, and affordable sign solutions to build their brand awareness.

Finding the Right Vinyl Signs Near Me

While the cost of vinyl signs may come into play when making your decision on what signs will work best for your needs, be sure you spend some time understanding all the options before making any final choices.

So, what is a vinyl sign, and how can you use it to further your Toronto area business? Take a look at the list below to learn more about the options available.

  • Vinyl banners. Produced in almost any shape, size, and colour, they are typically used to promote products, services, grand openings, events, or draw attention to trade show booths.
  • Window clings. This type of signage can be incredibly effective in maximizing sales and promotions. They’re also a great tool to use to spruce up a storefront, and since they’re also easy to remove and install, they’re a smart choice for businesses that need adaptability.
  • Window films. Vinyl graphics aren’t just for promotional purposes. Window films can work extremely well when it comes to improving privacy in a location. Privacy window films can be customized to your needs, allowing you to choose different textures and styles.
  • Cut vinyl lettering. Vinyl sign printing can also include cut vinyl lettering, which is a great way to provide valuable information such as directions, accessibility, and business hours.
  • Wall murals and floor graphics. Toronto area businesses can create unique environments using vinyl to create show-stopping, large-format wall murals. Not only can floor graphics and vinyl murals solidify a brand experience, but they’ll also significantly improve the overall customer experience. As an added benefit, they can be installed on just about any surface making them ideal for businesses across all industries.

Work With an Expert Vinyl Sign Shop in Toronto, ON

If you need vinyl signs to enhance your business, you can count on the sign specialists at SSK Signs to guide you through every step of the process, including professional installation. We offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to vinyl solutions and will help you determine the best size, colours, and installation methods to ensure you get the result you’re looking for.

SSK Signs expertly produces vinyl banners, mural wallpapers, and graphic elements using high-quality, durable vinyl that can be customized to suit your needs. We’ll take the time to learn exactly what you’re looking for and then produce vinyl signage options that will not only deliver positive results but will fit your budget too.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Vinyl Signs from SSK Signs

No need to search ‘vinyl printing near me’! SSK Signs can handle all your signage needs. As one of the leading vinyl sign and graphics experts in the Greater Toronto Area, you can feel confident knowing that we can help you create everything you need. As a full-service signage company, we can take care of every step in the sign manufacturing process, all while making your experience as positive and stress-free as possible.

Looking for more than just vinyl signs? SSK Signs can provide all types of interior and exterior signs, as well as vehicle wraps, trade show, and event signage. Call us at 647 792 5716 and speak with one of our signage experts to get started.


What is vinyl signage? 

Vinyl signage is a very versatile and customizable sign option for Toronto area businesses. They can be applied on various surfaces and are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Often used for trade shows and events, vinyl signage can also be used as temporary signs, window graphics, and banners.   

How long do vinyl signs last? 

Vinyl is also a very durable material making it great for producing signs that last. Over time, vinyl signs can fade, particularly if they’re used outside, but overall, vinyl signs can last several years. On average a high-quality vinyl sign can last anywhere from two to 12 years, depending on where and how often the sign is used.

What type of vinyl is used for signs? 

There are several types of vinyl that can be used, depending on the type of sign you need. Adhesive vinyl is used for signs or decals that will be affixed to walls or windows. Heavyweight vinyl, known as PVC, is used for outdoor or roll-up banners. Signs can also be created using reflective vinyl. 

Does printed vinyl fade? 

Printed vinyl can fade, especially for signs that are installed outdoors. Weather elements such as sun, rain, and wind can cause the colour to fade over time. In particular, fluorescent reds and yellows are quite susceptible to fading due to UV rays. Choosing the right type of vinyl for your outdoor sign can help reduce fading. 

Which kind of vinyl is permanent? 

Permanent vinyl typically has a glossy finish and comes with an adhesive that is difficult to remove, often leaving damage to walls or paint. One of the most common types of permanent outdoor vinyl is Oracal 651. To determine the best type of vinyl for your signage needs, contact SSK Signs to learn more about all the available options. 

How long do vinyl signs last outside? 

The life expectancy of outdoor vinyl signs depends on the quality of the vinyl and ink used, how the sign is used, and what outdoor elements it’s exposed to. In general, an outdoor vinyl sign that is hung and stored correctly can last for years, especially when properly cared for. When not in use, the sign should be rolled to prevent any creases. 

How much do vinyl signs cost? 

The cost of a vinyl sign will depend on the size of the sign you need, the type of vinyl used as well as the type of sign required. Roll-up banners, banners with grommets, window decals, and vinyl letters all have different price points. To get an accurate cost estimate, reach out to SSK Signs and let us know what you’re looking for. 

How do you quote vinyl decals? 

We quote vinyl decals based on the height and width of the design, the ink used, the type of vinyl they are printed on and the turnaround time requested. Designs requiring laminate would be quoted at a higher price. SSK Signs would be happy to provide you with a quote as well as share some options on how to get you the best results possible. 

Are vinyl signs waterproof? 

In most cases, vinyl signs and stickers are water-resistant. Vinyl signs can be waterproof when you use the right material. If you need your sign to be able to weather water exposure, talk to us about the options available including a heavyweight vinyl or one made of synthetic plastic. 

Which is the most popular brand of sign vinyl? 

The three most popular brands of vinyl are 3M, ORAFOL, and Avery Dennison. Each of these brands offers high-quality vinyl in a variety of thicknesses, finishes, and colours. At SSK Signs, we only use high-quality vinyl to produce the best and most effective signs. Contact us to find out more about creating vinyl signs for your business.


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