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About Us

Welcome to SSK Signs.

SSK Signs is committed to providing clients with leading-edge sign solutions. Using a consultative process, SSK Signs takes the time to understand client needs and prioritizes reliability, expertise and responsiveness. Functioning with a solution centric approach, their philosophy of turning challenges into opportunities fosters client relationships and helps to cultivate long-term partnerships.

SSK Signs was started by two entrepreneurs who value building relationships with clients and the ability to provide personalized and face-to-face service to the Greater Toronto Area. Hence, the name SSK Signs was born - Service, Solutions, Knowhow.

SSK signs is led by Jeff Clark and Fabio Seabra, both of whom are informed leaders and the go-to people in their field based on their expertise. They earn the trust of their clients and aim to inspire people with innovative ideas.

Their previous background in custom manufacturing makes SSK Signs poised to be a thought leader in the signage industry.

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