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Neon signs in Toronto have made a prominent comeback in recent years. While there are many neon signs in the area that have been community landmarks for decades, there are more and more new traditional and LED neon signs popping up to help businesses capture more attention and carve out a definitive presence in busy markets.

Illuminated signs have really started to dominate the sign landscape due to the fact that LED, and other types of lighting technology, now offer many more cost-effective and energy-efficient options than in the past. For example, custom neon signs in Toronto can give businesses a unique look that's professional, trendy, and creative all at the same time.

What are Neon Signs?

In the signage industry, neon signs can be described as electric signs that are lit by long luminous tubes containing neon or other gases. In addition, thanks to modern LED lights, you can also use flexible tubing that contains multiple little LED lights with an opaque layer to mimic a traditional neon tube look.

Not all neon signs function well, though. The quality of your neon sign will affect both the look and the performance. Poor bends in the neon and tubing can cause major maintenance issues that are costly to repair. For quality signs, know that SSK Signs is a neon sign maker that can create and install well-made signage designed to last.

From storefront neon signs to neon signs used on Toronto buildings, this type of signage does have its pros and cons.

Pros include:

  • Unique, eye-catching types of signage that provide an added dimension that traditional illuminated signs just can't deliver
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent when it comes to helping a business identify themselves or communicate a message

Cons include:

  • They can be temperamental, especially in cities with harsh weather
  • Traditional neon tubing is made of glass, so depending on its environment, it can break

Types of Neon Signs

The cost of neon signs will vary based on size and on what type of sign you choose. At SSK Signs, we're happy to work with Toronto and GTA area businesses to help you determine which type of sign will work best for your needs.

Neon on Print

We attach neon tubing to a print design resulting in the design coming to life. This option supports a contemporary and colourful look that becomes an eye-catching piece of wall art. Choose this option for a lobby, an event space, or other interior business spaces.

Neon Infinity Boxes

Neon infinity boxes take neon tubing and mould it into your shape of choice multiple times. Great uses for neon signs in this category include bars or reception areas, restaurants, and event spaces. This option provides something more unusual and unique for those companies really interested in standing out.

Neon Mirror Boxes

This option is more understated. Designs are etched onto a mirror using a laser, which makes them more subtle but still delivers a show-stopping look. Neon mirror boxes can be mounted almost anywhere and are a very stylish option.

Find Best Neon Sign Makers Near Toronto, ON

If you're looking for a neon sign company in Toronto, Ontario, look no further than SSK Signs. With years of expertise in creating exceptional custom LED signs and neon signs, our team will help guide you through the process so that you end up with signage that delivers results. Our solutions-focused approach means we'll take the time to learn about your business and then come up with a strategic plan designed to elevate your success. To start creating neon signage for your Toronto area business, contact us today.


What is the difference between neon and LED? 

Both neon and LED signs provide an illuminated sign option than can increase visibility. However, neon signs are made using glass tubes, while LED uses strips of light. Neon signs can require more maintenance, but do offer that nostalgic look that you may be after. LED signs are very bright, but offer a more directional light instead of an overall glow. 

What is the cost of a neon sign? 

The cost of your neon sign will depend on the complexity, but overall, they can come in a bit higher in price than an LED sign. Neon signs require more craftsmanship to expertly work with the glass tubes that are part of all neon signs. Adding colours and the size of the sign will also impact the cost.

How will my LED neon signs be installed? 

In most cases, LED neon signs are mounted on a durable clear acrylic backing. The acrylic piece will have drilled holes to facilitate easy hanging and installation. The shape of the acrylic can be custom cut to follow the outline or the sign shape or be a more standard rectangular shape. 

Are LED neon signs safe? 

Yes, LED neon signs are safe. They emit low amounts of heat, meaning they don’t get nearly as hot as traditional neon signs. They are also shatterproof and don’t use gasses, making them easier to maintain. This lightweight sign option is a fantastic way to create a unique sign that catches people’s eye. 

How long do neon signs last? 

A neon sign can last up to 10 years if they are kept in good condition and created using high-quality materials. It’s best to clean your neon sign every few months to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated. This will help preserve the quality of your sign. 

Is neon or LED better? 

LED signs are the clear choice when it comes to energy efficiency, but both signs offer benefits that may work for your needs. It really comes down to the look you want to achieve. Neon signs have come a long way though, and an LED neon sign may be exactly what you’re looking for to bridge the best of both worlds.

How much electricity do LED neon signs use? 

An LED neon light’s electricity consumption is about 150 watts, which is quite a bit lower than other lit sign options that offer the same effect. LED neon signs are an eco-friendly sign option that is worth considering if you’re in the market for a new show-stopping Toronto business sign. 

How is servicing of my signs done? 

For the most part, your neon sign will only need regular cleaning. This can be done by unplugging the sign and carefully wiping off dust and stains with a clean damp cloth. If you feel your sign needs more maintenance, contact SSK Signs. We can carefully disassemble your sign to deal with any concerns you may have. 

Do LED neon signs heat up? 

No, LED neon signs barely emit any heat. At most, they may feel a bit warm to the touch after being left on continuously. This is a big change from traditional neon signs that can get very hot and should not be touched at all when on due to how hot they can get. 

How do neon signs work? 

Neon signs use glass tubes filled with a small amount of neon gas. The energy provided to the sign results in the neon atoms moving around enough to emit heat and light. Neon signs can also use other gases such as krypton, argon, and helium, as mixing these gases results in the ability to create various colour shades.


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