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Northern Reflections, top women’s apparel retailer, approached SSK Signs to provide support in sign updates, adjustments, and removals, on an ongoing basis, for over 150 retail locations. Having tended to their community for over 35 years, the retailer offered a compelling background in Canadian women’s fashion through long-standing expertise in national clothing trends and local design.


Lit lobby sign installed at Northern Reflections in Toronto
Frosted film installed for Northern Reflections in Toronto


The retailer desired a sign company to complement their fashion prowess and team-based decision-making approach with an unwavering “can do” attitude. With previous partnerships failing to meet expectations, the retailer became weary of poor responsiveness and unwillingness to meet their brand’s unique requirements.

Due to the natural challenges associated within women’s retail, which range from immense competition to capturing specific branding needs, Northern Reflections was adamant on working with a sign team that possessed the ability to absorb and solve issues with an all-encompassing approach to service.

Our Solution

SSK’s fundamental approach consists of always meeting with clients and learning everything possible to ensure customer’s needs are met. Afterwards, our team presents several options to confirm an understanding of our potential customer’s distinct requirements.

Customers are always involved throughout the design process of their store fronts, as well as the final touches for corporate offices. This remains the standard across all our client relationships.

The Results

After installing graphics across Northern Reflections’ main boardroom, our team received outstanding feedback from Gail who stated, “Everyone has now seen the graphics and they LOVE IT. To quote Lalonnie – ‘it has exceeded my expectations’.”

Other installations included: stunning lobby graphic, equipped with current logo design for future installations, frosted vinyl across windows and doors for added privacy, whilst enabling natural light to illuminate spaces, and custom “inspirational word wall” in the main boardroom.

Our team is available nationally and internationally, and all clients are provided with the same level of unwavering support and strong expertise in design, permitting, production, and installation. All potential clients simply call to provide our team with necessary details, and we find the best solutions to get the job done.

With installation services provided nationally, clients as far as Victoria, British Columbia have relied on our solutions to meet their needs. With a simple phone call, we are ready to provide unsurpassed support, no matter the concern. For example, a client required sign removal from a shopping centre scheduled to be demolished. Due to the mall’s closure, our client was unable to gain access to building, and was without any local contacts to assist. Despite these concerns, our team contacted the shopping centre’s new owners stationed out of Montréal, and we were able to remove the sign prior to demolition. This level of care and service is the standard all can expect when working with SSK Signs.

Thank you to the Northern Reflections team for putting their trust in us, and for participating in this case study. Are you a retailor in need of custom signage solutions? Contact SSK Signs today to learn more about our custom signage services and receive a complimentary quote.


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