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Custom Business Signs


“A business with no sign, is a sign of no business”

Types Of Business Signs

There are many different types and applications for custom business signs. As each business is unique the requirements for signage in each business are also unique.

When people first start thinking about signs, they typically recall the electrical signs they see on buildings – these can be provided by a sign company. But a full-service sign company can provide a lot more. Basically, any large object with words or images printed on them is a form of sign. These include lettering on doors, window graphics, wall graphics, wayfinding signs, ADA/AODA signs, etched glass film, vehicle wraps, and much, much more.

A FedEx Office survey found that 76% of consumers had entered a new store based only on the signage.


Sign – Lead Times

Since custom business signs are, well, custom, the length of time it takes to make them also varies. The time it takes to produce a sign, once a design has been approved can easily be established since all the variables have been identified.

The time it takes to get design approval will depend on how many people are involved in the approval process.

For exterior signs, permits are often required. Different by-laws have different requirements, so for planning purposes add approximately 4 weeks for the permitting task. (It is better to plan on slightly longer than it should take to eliminate the risk of a grand opening without the exterior signs.)

To help you plan your opening, we’ve created a handy checklist to help you identify the business signs you need and the time it required to produce and install them.

Download Signage Checklist

Can I Get Any Colour I Want?

The short answer is yes, with the caveat that you pick a colour within the gamut of the printer. Colour management is a complicated and large subject. See Colour Management for more details.

A couple of quick facts:

  • The human eye can see about 32 million colours.
  • A good capture device, like a camera, can capture about 16 million colours. These are saved in an RGB colour workspace.
  • Another capture device may also capture 16 million colours – but not all the same colours – it depends on the colour workspace they are designed to work in.
  • Digital printers work in the CMYK colour workspace. Which means their gamut is different again.
  • A CMYK gamut usually fits inside an RGB gamut.

What this means in controlling colour in all the different print methods should be reviewed before selecting a key brand colour. Once you are sure your colours are within the smallest gamut to be used for printing you can reasonably assume, they will be displayed properly across all media.

Note: The white point of a media will affect how colours are displayed.

What Will Be The Impact On Your Signs?

Colours can make a big difference in how customers perceive your brand. They have a direct impact on the psychology of the viewer and each colour has a different impact on how the message is been viewed. While designing custom signs for your business, you can choose the brand’s colour as primary and include other colours as secondary that can communicate the message effectively.

This can bring more traffic through the doors as the signs will get the attention of those who were not aware of the business. If you are looking to target high traffic areas, then including red or yellow colours to your signs will be a smart choice. On the other hand, if you are looking to reflect calmness, then your signs should have blue colour in the background. Better usage of colours can bring more return on your investment.

Should I Get My Vehicle Wrapped

Are your customers local?

Do you acquire customers through advertising?

If you answered yes to both, then you should definitely consider a vehicle wrap as part of your marketing program.

Outdoor advertising is the most cost-effective means to get seen by your potential customers. The added vantage your vehicle(s) have is they are mobile so they can be seen by a much large sampling of the local population than a static billboard.

When thinking about advertising on your vehicle there are a number of options. These range from lettering on the back or sides, a ½ wrap, a ¾ wrap or a full wrap. Talk with your wrap provider to determine which best suits your business and marketing objectives.



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