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Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics

When most people think about adding graphics to their facilities they usually think about walls, windows, or supported signs. Since your customers look where they are walking, you can take advantage of this by creating and applying engaging graphics to the floors.

What are floor graphics? They are a special type of decal created specifically for floors using particular adhesives and durable materials designed for the wear and tear of being stepped on. In most cases, businesses add graphics to their floors to advertise or to help communicate a message.

The most efficient floor signs are placed in high traffic areas and use attractive designs to grab people’s attention. SSK Signs can create effective floor graphics for your Toronto area business based on your design needs, the application surface, and the desired lifespan.

The Uses of Floor Graphics

Advertising floor graphics can be a versatile aspect of indoor and outdoor signage. Since every Toronto business has its own specific needs, custom floor decals can be designed to stick to carpet or other hard flooring surfaces such as laminate, tile, or concrete.

Get More For Your Floors

Here are some great uses for floor graphics:

  • Special events like trade shows
  • For warnings or instructions in production facilities
  • Near new retail products
  • Areas where people congregate
  • Stair risers

Get the Right Type of Floor Graphics

Due to their location, custom floor logos and graphics have to be made using the right materials so that they perform as the most durable form of graphic available. Effective decals need to be able to withstand high foot traffic, moisture and wetness, cleaning machines, and more. As such, the material used must be built to withstand a constant barrage of wear and tear.

If you’re looking for high-quality floor decal printing in Toronto, SSK Signs can help. We’ll create your graphics using the right material and adhesives so that your signage remains safely anchored to the floor yet will still be easy to remove when necessary.

From simple branded signage to more elaborate graphics, we’re ready to help transform your space. The cost of floor graphics will vary based on the size you need, but the benefits of adding this effective marketing tool to your Toronto area location are worth the investment.

Floor Graphics from SSK Signs

Since adding graphics to your floors can have such an impact on your space, SSK Signs places great emphasis on ensuring your designs uniquely fit your needs. No matter what type of space you have to work with, leave it to our team to come up with distinctive options that will elevate your image. With an emphasis on quality and the ability to bring floors to life, SSK Signs is ready to work together and support your business's success. Contact us to get started.



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