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Lobby Sign

Lobby Sign

Why Choose Acrylic For Your Company’s Lobby Sign

Indoor signs provide a good and lasting impression on potential customers. An indoor sign, like a corporate lobby sign, must be impactful and of high quality. This sign must make a strong statement about the company’s brand in order to hook possible customers.

As you read this article, you will realize that having an impressive lobby sign is really important in business. Not just that, you will also know the reason why acrylic is the best material which can make your lobby sign reflect the image of your company.

What Exactly Is a Lobby Sign

Lobby signs are the signs in your reception area or lobby. They are must-haves for every business, be it a small-scale or a booming one. If you are thinking that your lobby is quite small, still it needs a sign for you to convey your brand to customers.

As a business owner, you must desire to impress your customers upon setting their first foot in your store or building. Your lobby sign is an effective marketing strategy that will greet and welcome them.

When walk-in customers enter your shop or company, your lobby sign can communicate to them the message of your business. This sign will help you catch their attention and make them interested in you have to offer.

A well-thought-of lobby sign can even entertain your customers as it informs them about your image. If you will have a custom-made lobby sign, this will make your reception area more attractive and will silently but effectively speak about your company.

What Does Your Lobby Sign Tell About Your Business

Ever wonder why successful companies have impressive lobby signs? These company owners certainly know the importance of lobby signs in their organizational goal. The way you present your company through your lobby sign speaks of your tone for customer service and satisfaction, the character of the people in the organization, and the longevity of the company.

Your lobby sign is your logo. Your logo speaks of your company and your lobby sign must be faithful to your logo. A sign designer can help you achieve this so you will not lose your company’s identity.

Reasons Why Acrylic is the Best for Your Lobby Sign

Before mounting the lobby sign in your reception area, you should always consider the material to be used. Indoor signs for businesses can be made using different materials such as metal, wood, foam, and PVC.

If your business has a colorful and intricate logo, it’s best to use acrylic. Recently, acrylic signs are gaining popularity in making bold and professional-looking lobby signs. Here are the reasons why this material is gaining popularity and is found to be the best material for your company’s lobby sign.

Provides a sophisticated look

Many business owners would resort to acrylic for it is a great alternative to glass. This material is a highly crystalline polymer that makes it have the clarity and look of glass. Your lobby sign will have a sophisticated look once you make use of acrylic, and this material will also give your reception area a professional look.

Has greater flexibility

Acrylic has greater machinability which means more designs are made possible because of its flexibility. Just by applying heat, different shapes and figures can be formed. With this, acrylic can achieve your desired lobby sign, especially if you have a stylistic company logo or an intricate lobby design. Truly, this material is highly versatile compared with other materials available in the market.

Is lightweight and easy to install

Acrylic signs are more lightweight in comparison with wood and metal. This makes an acrylic lobby sign to be mounted easily on any wall. They can be displayed in many ways using glue, double-sided tape, and suction cups.

Is affordable yet durable

Lobby signs made of acrylic are not costly, yet they radiate a high-end look.  They really send an expensive look but are actually affordable. In addition, you will not bother that much during the installation for they do not easily shatter. Moreover, an acrylic indoor sign like company lobby sign can be used for a long time. The durability of acrylic lobby signs is rooted in the fact that acrylic is known for being crisp and shiny.

Is ideal for interiors

Acrylic is really good for interior or indoor. It will not produce an unpleasant odour in the reception area of your business that might send your guests or customers away.

Tips to Have an Impressive Acrylic Sign in Your Lobby

In looking for an impressive acrylic lobby sign, there are a lot of acrylic signs and graphics in Mississauga that can help you with your needs with regards to lobby signs. Here are some tips towards having an impressive acrylic lobby sign for your business.

  • Put acrylic lobby signs on bare walls of your reception area to make it have an inviting atmosphere for your customers. Walls with lobby signs can even provide information to your customers about your company. This way, they can be informed of your brand.
  • Invest in quality acrylic lobby signs that would turn visitors to customers. There are top-of-the-line acrylic signs and graphics in Mississauga that can make you meet your business needs and your budget. Through acrylic, you can attain elegance without spending so much.
  • Customize your lobby signs according to your brand. This can be made possible because acrylic is customizable. You can consider adding stripes or borders using multiple colors when you plan for your design.
  • Consider the size and the design of your lobby sign. Make sure that it is proportionate to your reception area. Instead of enticing, too large or too small lobby signs can rather distract your potential customers.
  • Create a three-dimensional effect using acrylic material to express some depth. A three-dimensional design can catch the eyes for it stands out from the wall from where it is mounted.
  • Do not install acrylic signs under direct sunlight. Though acrylic signs are durable, exposing them to direct sunlight for an extended period can cause discoloration, and their glossy texture could fade.

Indeed, lobby signs for businesses are in demand nowadays for they will surely attract more customers. It is, therefore, necessary to be critical in choosing the best lobby sign that would serve as your welcoming statement to visitors and customers. Considering a high-end acrylic lobby sign and welcome your customers in style.


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