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Monument Signs

Monument Signs


What is a monument sign? 

A monument sign is a free-standing sign at ground level that’s installed in front of an entranceway or a building. This highly visible sign makes it easy for vehicles or people passing by to see business information and to confirm they’re in the right place. Monument signs can be made from brick, stone, wood, steel, plastic, or a combination of material options.

How much does a monument sign cost? 

The cost of a monument sign will depend on the materials used to create the sign, the size, and whether or not there are added elements such as illumination or an LED display. SSK Signs can help you design the best sign for your needs and provide quotes for several options worth considering. 

What is the difference between a pylon and a monument sign? 

A pylon sign is typically on top of a pole, mounted high up, making it visible from a distance. Monument signs, on the other hand, are designed to be read at eye level and are most commonly placed close to the main entrance. Both signs are great options to increase visibility.

How long does it take to create a monument sign? 

The length of time it takes to create a monument sign can depend on several things. If you already have a design ready to go, you can expect a quicker turnaround time. However, if you need a design created first, that will extend the time of the sign project. The complexity of the sign, the size, and the location can also impact timelines. 

What are the benefits of monument signs? 

Monument signs help make your Toronto area location easy to find. They can become a community landmark, and are an effective tool when it comes to increasing your brand awareness. A very professional-looking exterior sign option, they’re a smart choice if you want to build a reputation for being a trustworthy and knowledgeable business. 

Do I need a permit for a monument sign? 

Local bylaws determine if sign permits are required for monument signs. This will vary between different cities and towns. Let SSK Signs handle all the permit details for your monument sign if needed. Our experienced team can take care of all the details and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

How long do monument signs last? 

A high-quality monument sign can last anywhere from eight to 10 years. However, this depends greatly on the material used to create the sign and weather exposure. Your sign may need some maintenance over time, but when well cared for, you can expect a monument sign to provide marketing benefits for many years. 

What is the best material for monument signs? 

The best material for your monument sign is the one that will deliver the best design for your brand. Many signs are made of a combination of material choices. Since monument signs are designed to be permanent structures, they all offer great longevity and visibility. Reach out to the team at SSK Signs to learn more about building the right sign for your needs. 

What is the perfect size for a monument sign? 

You don’t want to go any smaller than six feet wide and four feet high since this type of sign is designed to command attention. The ideal sign for your needs will really depend on the location it will be installed and the design you had in mind. In some cases, signs can be as wide as 15 feet and run to be nine feet high. 

Can my old monument sign be repaired? 

Yes, in some cases, an old monument sign can be repaired. It really comes down to the cost involved and how significant the repairs would be. At SSK Signs, we can help you determine the best option and then work with you to repair your old sign or create a new sign that will serve to support your business and your brand.



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