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Cabinet Signs

 Also referred to as wall signs or box signs, cabinet signs in Toronto are typically mounted to an exterior wall. They can also be freestanding in the form of a monument or pole sign. Most box signs are illuminated, giving visibility to Toronto and Mississauga businesses both day and night.

Proper exterior signage for your business can come in many forms, but an illuminated sign cabinet allows businesses to have their best facade facing forward at all times. Custom cabinet signs are a popular option for businesses looking to show off their logo and name using one large seamless sign. They also offer great flexibility as it’s easy to replace a sign’s face without needing to replace the entire sign structure.

What is a Cabinet Sign?

Business cabinet signs are most commonly manufactured using aluminum and are paired with a polycarbonate or acrylic sign face. While many of these signs found in Mississauga are rectangular, they can be created in nearly any shape.

Typically, commercial cabinet signs are mounted to the structure of a building, usually above or near the main entrance. If illuminated, they are internally lit using energy-efficient LEDs to give your Toronto business visibility at all hours of the day. Custom box signs can be illuminated on only one side, or they can be created so that both sides of the sign light up.

 What Are the Different Types of Cabinet Signs?

What are the uses of cabinet signs? They’re an excellent tool to ensure your name and logo are easily seen. They are ideal for Toronto businesses that want to incorporate detail and colour into their signage to create a more memorable exterior.

Any type of business will benefit from professionally designed lightbox signs. However, they are particularly ideal for:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Medical offices
  • Night clubs
  • Convenience stores
  • Fitness studios
  • Art studios

Toronto businesses can choose from a multitude of face types, colours, and lighting options to create a sign that’s customized to suit your brand and business personality.

The cost of cabinet signs will vary based on the style you choose. You can select your design based on the following options:

  • Pan-formed face – the face of the sign will protrude slightly.
  • Embossed face – an ideal option when using bright colours.
  • Translucent face – a very versatile option where prints are mounted to the outside of the acrylic face
  • Stencil cut face – a more unique option that uses contrast to make the sign even more eye-catching.
  • Reverse print – letters and logo are printed on the backside of acrylic to keep the colors from coming into contact with the sun, rain, and snow.

Find Cabinet Signs Near You

Storefront cabinet signs are a smart way to elevate the appearance of your Mississauga or Toronto area business. Looking for a professional signage partner? SSK Signs has the knowledge and experience to help you improve the look of your commercial property.

From cabinet signs to lobby signs, our signs are always produced using quality materials. We’ll work with you to produce great signs that fit into your marketing strategy and your budget. From manufacturing to installation and ensuring local regulations are adhered to, we’ll take care of all the steps required to complete your signage project successfully.

If you’re ready to update the exterior of your location, contact us and let us know how we can help.


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