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How Corporations Use Wallpaper

Corporations across the world are becoming more aware of the effects of using custom wallpaper to enhance the décor of the work environment. After all, the office is a very important place; it demands the efforts, ideas, and time of the people who work there. The place should be designed in a way that recognizes and rewards their commitment of time and energy. Proper visual stimulus can boost the productivity and performance of employees. With a digital design the company can easily recreate the look for different rooms and at different locations, it also allows for easy repairs if a section gets damaged. Here are some cool ways companies can use murals to inject visual energy into the place and make it come alive:

  1. Company story/ Logo – The advantage of digitally printed custom wallpaper is that you can have different designs for each of the panels to create custom wall murals. The walls of your office space are prime real estate for advertising your business and telling the company’s story to clients who walk in through the doors of your office. Retailers can use custom wallpaper to display their logos on the walls of their shopping space. It will strengthen their brand image with employees and customers.

Company Logo

  1. Innovative patterns – The pattern on the wall should be decided depending on the kind of work the company does. If it’s an engineering or law firm, geometric patterns generate a sense of order and efficiency. Freeform designs are a perfect fit for graphic artists and fashion designers, as they liberate the eye and lets the mind wander in ways that fuel creativity.

Innovative patterns

  1. Suitable colours – Even with the choice of custom wall murals, it is important to choose the right colours before zeroing in on the pattern that goes on top of it. For the wallpaper in your reception area, a soft muted orange like peach would create a welcoming and positive feeling, while a soft yellow would be happy and cheerful. If decisions are made by clients in the reception area, a soft green-blue based wallpaper will assist in the decision making. Turquoise, the colour of mass and creative communication, in medium to light tones is suitable for training room walls.
  1. Textures – With this growing trend there are an expanding list of textures to select from. Some of the available textures for your walls include; canvas – to create an original artwork feel; leather – to instil a western theme to the wall coverings; plaster – to give the impression the artwork was printed directly on the walls; silk – to project the impression that the walls are covered with custom printed fabric.


Examples of creative custom wallpaper use across the world

  1. Facebook – At their Seattle offices, they have a custom wall mural of an astronaut crossing boundaries in space to represent the strides their company is making. Apart from conveying the spirit of their company, the arresting geometric patterns provide fantastic visual stimulus for the people at work.
  1. Bank of China – They have a detailed custom wall mural with a perspective drawing of a panoramic cityscape. It effortlessly conveys the scale of their reach without the use words.
  1. Weiden+Kennedy – Their fantastic pushpin mural has the phrase “Fail harder” in huge, cursive lettering to highlight the founder’s belief that success comes to those who are willing to risk failure.
  1. BIC – They have a contemporary and colourful design that decorates the walls of their marketing suite. A visual timeline was created to emphasize their successful product launches and other key dates. The arresting mural perfectly conveys the long and varied history of the company.
BIC marketing office

BIC image from, design by So Creative



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