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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Vehicle?

The sign industry is an exciting one due to the fact that every job is unique. At SSK Signs we go to great lengths to ensure we understand what each customer is hoping to accomplish with their signage project before we put a quote together. But often the first question customers ask is “how much is it going to cost?”

Vehicle wraps are a very powerful advertising tool that is evident by how often we are asked: “how much is a vehicle wrap?” The short answer is – it depends. It depends on a) Design; b) Vehicle; c) Coverage; d) Material



A good vehicle wrap design balances the intent of the design; the vehicle; the current brand and requires the approval of all stakeholders. Sometimes this is a quick process and sometimes it can be very drawn out. Our in house design team will work with you to transform your ideas into an effective vehicle wraps design.


Vehicles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Clearly a Mini will require a lot less material than a bus or tractor-trailer. Even one Sprinter van to another Sprinter van can result in a different cost for a wrap. It will depend if it is the extended model, is it the high top, are there windows that will require window perf. All of these will have an impact on the design, the amount of material required and the labor required to install the wrap – ultimately all these items will affect the cost. Some other items we need to review when putting a quote together is the condition of the vehicle and if any after-market options have been added that the designer and installer will have to take into consideration.


Vehicle graphic coverage varies from cut vinyl lettering on a bumper or window all the way to full coverage. In general, there are full wraps, ¾ wraps, half wraps, and lettering. And then, of course, there are lots of other variations.


There are multiple material suppliers and they all offer more than one type of wrap material. For color change wraps again there is a wide variety of looks to choose from. These include matte, gloss, carbon fiber, brushed metal, and chrome. To increase visibility at night reflective materials can be added. To help us to determine which materials to select we need to know how long the wrap is planned to be left on. There are some customers that will wrap a vehicle for a short term event – just a few weeks and there are others that are looking for it to last more than 5 years.

There is a tremendous amount of technology and research that goes into the adhesives used on vehicle wrap material. The adhesive needs to be able to handle the extreme cold of Canadian winters as well as the extreme heat for those who live down south and ultimately it needs to come off easily, without damaging the paint, at the end of its design life. Caution: it is possible to put a general-purpose vinyl with a permanent adhesive on a vehicle. This will save cost upfront but will be very difficult and expensive to remove.

Vehicle Wrap Price Range

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering: Starting at $150.

1/2 wrap: Starting at $1200

¾ wrap: Starting at $1600

Full wrap: Starting at $2100


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