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Marketing / Branding

Marketing / Branding

Your brand is how you’re perceived by existing and potential customers. It is more than the products and services you offer, which means it is both physical and non-physical. It is conveyed through your actions, how you treat all that you come in contact with. As your brand is developing, it can be portrayed through your logo and all the collateral you use.

It is important that you deliver a consistent message.

SSK Signs can help you with your physical branding. Give us a call today to set up an appointment to ensure your signage is delivering the message you want/need it to deliver.

Can I Get Any Colour I Want?

The short answer is yes, with the caveat that you pick a colour within the gamut of the printer. Colour management is a complicated and large subject. See Colour Management for more details.

A couple of quick facts:

  • The human eye can see about 32 million colours.
  • A good capture device, like a camera, can capture about 16 million colours. These are saved in a RGB colour workspace.
  • Another capture device may also capture 16 million colours – but not all the same colours – it depends on the colour workspace they are designed to work in.
  • Digital printers work in the CMYK colour workspace which means their gamut is different again.
  • A CMYK gamut usually fits inside a RGB gamut.

What this means in controlling colour is all the different print methods should be reviewed before selecting a key brand colour. Once you are sure your colours are within the smallest gamut to be used for printing you can reasonably assume they will display properly across all medias.




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