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Window Graphics


Business window graphics provide an excellent opportunity to showcase what you offer and to draw in potential customers as they pass by. Both stationary and moving windows are terrific surfaces to display advertising graphics and can be utilized by just about any type of business, such as retail stores, office spaces, and restaurants.

Exterior building signs should be part of your branding strategy, and adding different types of window graphics is a great way to enhance the marketing efforts of your Toronto business. To keep your brand fresh, the windows should be the surfaces that get updated regularly.

Interior and exterior window graphics can be customized with your current message and your specific window sizes. The materials available can be anywhere from opaque to translucent to transparent. Perforated materials allow for the graphic to be displayed outside while still letting light enter.

Give us a call and we’ll review your windows with you to create an updated look for your business.

Uses for Window Graphics

Great uses for window graphics include:

  • Dramatically displaying your products and services.
  • Highlighting seasonal specials.
  • Brand development.
  • Managing privacy levels.
  • Promoting events.
  • Communicating safety or important information to employees or visitors.
  • Sharing business hours and contact information.
  • Thanking customers for their loyalty.
  • Announcing achievements, milestones, or awards.
  • Improving the exterior look of your location without needing to make a large investment.

Branded window decals and graphics can be very effective marketing tools. They can improve curb appeal for just about any location, increase foot traffic, improve sales, and help announce any changes such as new products or events. Most stores have large eye-level windows, making window advertising an excellent tool for communicating with potential customers.

Get Custom Window Decals and Graphics for Your Business

While the cost of window graphics will vary, SSK Signs can help you choose the most effective option for your business and turn your windows into strategic marketing tools. Let our team show you what your windows can do for your business! From product-focused graphics to full custom vinyl window signs, it’s time to use your windows to help your business grow.

In addition to being able to enhance your exterior space, window graphics can be very effective in interior spaces too. For example, try adding graphics inside your office to provide privacy or to share information with employees or visiting guests.

To start, we’ll take the time to learn more about your needs and ideas and then come up with solution-focused signage that helps you make the most of your window space. Whether you’re looking for a window refresh or are investigating window signage for the first time, SSK Signs will deliver high-quality products that are designed to maximize your results.

Window Graphics from SSK Signs

At SSK Signs, our goal is to create custom signs that get your business noticed. With a wide range of experience serving companies of all industries, we know we have the skills and abilities to create signage that sets your company apart. If your Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, or Etobicoke business is looking for a reliable signage partner, it’s time to reach out to SSK Signs.

We’ll work together to create what you need, and then our team can properly install your new window signage so that there are no bubbles or creases. We’ll take every step necessary to ensure you get the high-quality results you’ve been looking for. To learn more about window lettering, decals and graphics, contact us.



What is a window graphic?

A window graphic is a sign or advertising tool that can be attached directly to a window. Typically made from a film that adheres to glass, it won’t damage your window and can still allow natural light to come through. Window graphics are fully customizable and can be created based on your business need.

Are window decals removable?

While it does depend on what type of decal you’ve used, most window decals are easy to remove and won’t leave any residue behind. Specifically, static cling window decals don’t require tape or any other adhesive, so when you want to remove them, you can simply peel them off.

What is the difference between a window cling and a decal?

While both are made of vinyl, window clings are similar to window decals, but there is no adhesive used to secure it to a glass surface. Window clings stay in place due to static electricity. Like decals, window clings can be customized and printed in the size and shape you need.

What material is best for window decals?

The best material to use is typically vinyl. However, there are many different types and thicknesses that can be chosen. Cast vinyl is a thinner and more flexible option, while calendared vinyl is probably the most common choice. You can also go for something more unique such as metallic or reflective vinyl.

How much does it cost to install window graphics?

The cost for window graphics depends on if the project includes design, layout, and installation. In addition, installation can cost more depending on how recessed your window panes are, the material selected for the graphics, and the desired method of installation. Installation can take place on both interior and exterior windows.

How many types of window decals are available to me?

There are many, many different options available! This signage option is both flexible and durable, making them ideal for just about any business. From choosing the finish, shape, and

colours to determining if perforated vinyl is the way you want to go. Whatever you’re looking for, a window decal can deliver.

How long does it take to finish window decals?

Window decals, for both vehicles and business windows, can have a relatively quick turnaround process, as long as you already have a design in mind. Once the design is confirmed, production and installation can happen quickly. In addition to their effectiveness, decals are a popular sign choice because there isn’t often a long wait.

How long do window signs last?

A window sign that was made using quality vinyl material should last between five and ten years. Depending on the window where decals or clings are placed, the sun can gradually fade vinyl. However, you can still expect your window sign to look professional for many, many years after installation.

Can you see through back window decals?

Yes. If the plan is to install on a back or side car window, decals are created using a special design that allows them to be visible from the outside and see-through from the inside. You will be able to safely see through the window from the inside of your car.

What is perforated window vinyl?

Perforated window vinyl film is a form of window advertising offering one-way visibility. From the outside, you see a solid image. From the inside, it looks like a black shade with many tiny perforations. This type of window graphic makes a striking impression while still providing privacy and natural light


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