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Metal Signs

Custom Metal Signs

Commercial signs offer lots of choices when it comes to Toronto and Mississauga area businesses looking to differentiate their image. For those looking for something durable and unique, metal business signs are known to be sturdy, weather-resistant, and can be customized in a variety of colours. A great choice for both indoor and outdoor use, this option helps support your brand message regardless of what industry you’re in.

With a variety of materials available to choose from, such as aluminum, alumalite, and Dibond, SSK Signs can help you create options such as classic aluminum signs or even vintage-looking metal signs. Let our team help you create something that can showcase your business in an unusual and memorable way. Want to take your branding or sign creation even further? Ask us about personalized metal signs!

Smart Uses of Metal Signs

Since we can custom cut metal signs into just about any shape and size, you can use metal signs in a variety of ways. Not only does this flexibility support sign creativity, but it also means we can create something that works for every business, in every location.

If you’re wondering what “what is a metal sign best used for?” here’s a list of some of the most popular applications:

  • Safety signs
  • Corporate branding
  • Parking lot rules or directional signage
  • Building exteriors
  • On fences or gates
  • In retail spaces
  • Restaurant or bar signage
  • Point of purchase signage

The cost of metal signs will vary based on your needs. However, know that there are a variety of options worth considering for every type of budget. Whether you’re looking for metal letters for your Toronto business or more traditional aluminum signs, you may also want to consider augmenting your sign by adding options such as stripes, borders, or perhaps even additional lettering colours.

Displaying and Installing Different Types of Metal Signs

As a seasoned metal sign manufacturer in Toronto and Mississauga, SSK Signs has the expertise to not only design and manufacture eye-catching signs, but we can also install them professionally too, all while keeping visibility and durability in mind.

Aluminum metal signs and metal signs made of other materials can be installed in several ways:

  • Framed and staked
  • Glued to walls
  • Riveted or bolted to the interior or exterior surfaces
  • Wired to fencing

It’s important to work with a Toronto signage company that has experience in installing metal signs so that you know your large metal letters or your brushed silver finish aluminum logo sign will deliver the look you want and stand the test of time.

Find Metal Signs Near You

For Toronto and Mississauga area businesses who are interested in learning more about metal business signs, give SSK Signs a call at 647 792 5716. From sharing more about the material, size, and shape options to helping you create a design that will wow your customers, we’d be happy to work with you. When it comes to helping your business get noticed, strategic professional signage can be the key to helping you reach your marketing goals. To get started, contact us to review your requirements and have us provide a no-obligation quote.


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