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Custom Indoor Signs

Custom Indoor Signs

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One of the most cost-effective and yet often overlooked means of advertising a business is the use of signage. Indoor signs, most specifically, are almost always left out in the marketing game plan.

Big and small, old and new, businesses of all sizes in any industry can definitely benefit from well-designed business signs. In this article, you will learn about the four great reasons for getting or improving your indoor signage.

Once you get the customer into your building the easy work is done. Now your signs need to impress them enough that they stay and buy and as a minimum they leave with a good impression so they will return again. If your facility is better or worse than the competition they'll tell their friends.

Can your signs create a powerful impression on your customers? Install a custom lobby sign to convey to your customers that you are proud of your facility and your company logo. To take your lobby to the next level install custom wallpaper. Wayfinding signs identify each room, plaques remind customers of past accomplishments you are particularly proud of, room signs identify what each room is used for, posters highlight the current sales offerings, banners suggest other products and services you would like your customers to consider, etched glass provides privacy for offices or between booths in a restaurant, window lettering provides info your customers need, floor graphics help guide customers or let them know about the latest offering, and all other messages you need to be told.

Can your signs handle these tasks?

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Why Custom Indoor Signs Are Great for Your Business

  • Better messaging.
  • Enhancing customer experience.
  • Raising brand, service or product awareness.
  • Building your team’s morale.

Reinforce Your Message

If you already invested in outdoor signage such as fascia signs, monument signs or building signs, you can reinforce your branding further by having indoor signs that are consistent with their outdoor counterparts in terms of the message or theme they convey. For example, prospects that learned from you from a vehicle wrap may already be familiar with your company logo and the service you offer. Once they decide to walk into your establishment, you get a chance to greet them and tell them they have come to the right place with a custom lobby sign that shows your company logo, your company name, or both.

Lobby signs don’t only reinforce your branding but they also tell walk-in customers a lot of things about you. An exquisitely-designed and well-maintained lobby sign, for example, may give customers the impression that you pay close attention even to the tiniest details and that you constantly strive for quality. A worn back-lit 3D wall sign with busted LED lights, on the hand, may convey the message that you can’t keep everything afloat.

Whether it’s a lobby sign, wall graphics for lobbies or way-finding signs, the quality of your indoor signage must consistently mirror your outdoor signs as well as your company’s values and message.

Enhance Walk-in Customers’ Experience

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you own a 150-square foot office or an entire building. Indoor signage that includes way-finding signs, custom-made logo sign on the wall, door signs or promotional banners all plays a crucial role in your marketing campaign and in making your customers feel welcome and comfortable.

No one likes to be in unfamiliar territory. By simply showing them the way to the restrooms, the fire exit or the manager’s booth with way-finding or directional signs, offices can instantly build a better rapport with their customers.

Promote New Products, Services or Events

People may come into your office for a specific transaction but there’s no doubt these people value their time so most of them are in a hurry to leave. There is almost no time to start a conversation with them about a new product or service you are launching, or an event you are hosting, so what better way to promote these things than to have vinyl banners hung or placed in strategic locations inside your establishment? They can be placed near checkout counters, lobbies, or customer service booths. A striking message combined with a captivating color scheme will surely grab your customers’ attention and if your offer catches their interest, they will be the one initiating a conversation, begging to learn more.

This method is especially helpful for business establishments receiving a number of regular customer visits per day, such as restaurants, beauty salons, supermarkets, an auto repair shop, and others. Digitally printed vinyl banners are the most suitable for these types of campaign materials because they’re one of the easiest and most affordable to produce.

Build Your Team’s Morale

Indoor signs are not only for your customers; they work well for you and your employees as well. Imagine how much pride you’ll feel having your company’s logo in a 3D moulded metal hung on the wall in your reception area, complete with backlighting that further gives them a commanding presence. Your team will no doubt feel the same every time they enter the workplace and see your company’s symbol of excellence. Custom-made lobby signs such as these serve as a magnificent reminder of your company’s values and aspirations and a reminder to your employees that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Best Indoor Sign Materials You Can Choose From

For your indoor signage needs, the Greater Toronto Area has a plethora of signs and graphics companies to match your unique needs and all of them can offer different signage materials for you to choose from. Here are some of the most popular.


Wooden indoor signs are among the most exquisite types you can get especially if this is something that represents your brand. The feeling of warmth and calm evoked by wood makes wooden lobby signs a perfect way to usher customers into spa and wellness centers, yoga facilities, and steak houses.

Clear Acrylic Plastic Signs

Acrylic signs are a great alternative to glass, especially in busy office spaces, primarily because they are shatter resistant. In addition, it allows for easy customization of colors and images as it can be digitally printed, giving you plenty of freedom to achieve a design that suits your brand. Clear acrylic signs possess the elegant look of glass with the added durability and affordability. It’s definitely something worth checking out.

3D Letter and Raised Signs

Business establishments with larger receiving areas can opt for big 3D letter and raised signs. These types of indoor signs are usually made of wood, metal, or moulded plastic and are sometimes lighted for that added pizzazz. Backlit wall signs are especially good in banks, hotels, and restaurants.

Wall Graphics and Murals

Temporary wall graphics and digitally printed murals are an excellent, cost-efficient way of designing your lobby to announce an event, a product launch, or to usher a new season in. Unlike in the past where businesses had to rely on artists to hand-paint their walls and wait for days for it to dry, today’s technology lets you have an entire wall redecorated in rich colors in less than a day. Faster, convenient, and more affordable, wall graphics for lobbies are no doubt one of the options any business owner should consider.

If you are one of the business owners looking into purchasing new indoor signs, Toronto has plenty of reliable and experienced sign makers you can work with. All you need to do is do a little bit of research and ask for friends’ referrals to get started.


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