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Channel Letters


Channel letters were originally made from sheet metal, hand formed into a channel in the shape of letters. Custom channel letters today are still made the same way, just on more modern equipment. There are a number of different ways to fabricate the letters depending on the application, installation location and the designed viewing distance.

For standard fonts and sizes there is also the option of molded plastic letters.

Channel letters are not just for the exterior of the building, they can be incorporated on the interior in a shopping mall or business lobby.

Besides letter height, depth and font there are lighting options. Channel letters can be made such that the front face is lit with LEDs which allows for the option of colour for the front faces. The other lighting option is to have the light exit the back of the letter and bounce off the wall for a back lit, reverse lit or halo lit effect.

It is possible to have the front faces show one colour during the day and a different colour at night.

We’ve provided channel letters from Toronto to Brampton to Mississauga.

If you’re considering custom channel letters for your business, call SSK Signs today.

Channel letters are a great choice for:

  • Company branding on building exteriors
  • Interior business branding
  • Lit letters or numbers to identify specific areas