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Indoor Signs

Indoor Signs

Build your brand with Lobby Signs, Etched Glass Film, Window Graphics, Wall Graphics, Wayfinding Signs and Custom Wall Murals.


Outdoor Signs

Outdoor Signs

Attract customers with Channel Letters, Pylon Signs, Fascia Signs, Window Graphics, Dimensional Letters and Wayfinding Signs.


Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

Grow your business with Fleet Vehicle Wraps, Partial Wraps and Vehicle Lettering. Add reflective elements to improve advertising after dark.


Custom Signs

Custom Signs

Looking for a unique signage idea? Do you have a signage need that is different than what you've seen around?






Your signs are talking about your business! What are they saying? Do your Outdoor Signs attract attention and encourage customers to enter? Do your Vehicle Wraps send enough customers to your facility or website? Once the customers enter your facility, are the messages conveyed by your Indoor Signs in sync with your sales/marketing strategy?

SSK Signs is passionate about helping you align your signs to your brand message. We can handle everything from window lettering, listing your hours of operation, to full re-branding efforts that include new or updated electrical signs, pylon signs, vibrant window graphics, etched glass vinyl, attention grabbing vehicle graphics, professional lobby signs, banners announcing the change, custom wallpapers that make a statement and wall and floor graphics that tell your customers about the latest products or features.

At SSK Signs, we are committed to the quality of products and workmanship towards everything that we offer. As your Toronto Sign Company, from concept to installation of your sign, we make sure that everything is in line with what you have asked for. We use the best quality materials plus our state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture every sign. The result, you get a long-lasting custom sign that makes a positive impact on your customers and strengthens your brand.



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What is a sign? 

A sign can be thought of as any type of fixed or free-standing visual communication collateral that communicates information, serves a marketing purpose, acts as a landmark, or provides wayfinding support. Businesses across all industries use signs to create a better customer experience as well as to advertise their products and services.

What does a sign company do? 

A full-service sign company, like SSK Signs, can design, manufacture and install a wide variety of signs that support the needs of businesses and organizations. We’ll listen to your needs and your ideas and then help you create a signage strategy that will maximize your marketing efforts and help you build brand presence. 

What materials can I use to build my sign? 

Depending on the type of sign you’re looking for, you’ll have several materials to choose from. Common materials include acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, vinyl, glass, or wood. The right material will depend on the design, the size of the sign, how it will be mounted, and where it will be installed. 

How long does it take to make a sign? 

The answer to that depends on the type of sign. It could range from a few days to a few months. Depending on the complexity of the sign, there may be several steps required in the development and manufacturing. While we always do our best to work within customer timelines, we never compromise the quality of our signs.

How do you ensure quality with your products? 

We only use high-quality products and materials to create all of our signs. We also keep up to date on industry trends and training to ensure we can deliver top-quality products every time. Our team prioritizes customer satisfaction, and our commitment to providing durable, well-made signs will never change. 

Can you print a photo on canvas? 

While this is something we can do, it’s not a common type of signage that we provide, as it’s usually a sign requested for personal use. Our focus tends to be on business signage which includes things like building signage, wayfinding signs, lobby signs, banners, flags, wall graphics, and channel letters. 

What type of signs should I choose? 

This is a great question, and we’re so pleased to say that we have many options for you to consider! If you aren’t sure what sign will work best for your needs, we’d be happy to help. Once you share what you’re trying to accomplish and where you need a sign, we‘ll provide a list of solutions designed to deliver results. 

Why do some types of signs seem expensive? 

Depending on the type of sign, there can be a lot of material involved. The size of the sign you need can also increase the price, as well as additional features such as illumination. While the upfront cost might seem high, well-made signage can last for several years and will likely be seen by thousands of potential customers. 

Aren't all sign companies the same in the GTA? 

Definitely not. In addition to the type of material used to create the sign, attention to detail, and industry knowledge, you want to choose a sign company that has experience producing a wide range of signs. At SSK Signs, we focus on providing signage solutions that help our customers grow their businesses. 

What should I consider before buying a sign? 

Things to consider before buying a sign include your goals for the sign, sign placement, and whether or not the sign aligns with the rest of your signage and current marketing materials. You should also consider the budget you have available and then work with an experienced sign company to make sure you get the best sign solution possible.


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