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The Marketing Impact of Vehicle Graphics

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Businesses are quick to react to new strategies, taking to mobile and social media platforms to market their brands across a variety of channels. The outdoor advertising industry is quickly following suit. Vehicle wraps, a relatively new entrant to the realm of outdoor advertising, is one of the most powerful and dynamic advertising platforms available today. It is becoming increasing in popularity and has become a staple of marketing for small and large business owners across the country. Research has indicated that audiences are readily engaged by mobile media like vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, compared to traditional modes of outdoor advertising like billboards. Answering the questions below will help you determine whether vehicle graphics are a sound investment for your business:


  • Are your customers located in the same area as your vehicles?
  • Do you acquire customers through advertising?
  • Do your products/services appeal to a broad base of consumers/businesses?
  • Do vehicle graphics fit within your marketing strategy?
  • Would a vehicle wrap help to develop your brand?

Vehicle Graphics

Evolution of vehicle wraps

Towards the early 90s, vehicle wraps surged in popularity, beginning with the “Crystal Pepsi” wrapped bus which soon became a part of modern advertising folklore. It was the first time that a large vehicle was branded in this way. The high quality of the material was evident from its high-resolution print and colour reproduction. Pedestrians and motorists who saw it for the first time were awestruck. It was a welcome addition to the bland city buses that they were used to seeing.

Vehicle wraps solved one of the key issues when it comes to outdoor advertising: the lack of advertising space. Marketers realised that they can turn a business’ fleet into a profitable media asset, thereby avoiding the issue of unavailable media space and the high rental costs for media spaces.

Driven by the burgeoning demand, the industry exploded. Trucking businesses started renting out their fleet to be used as mobile billboards, advertising services and products for all sorts of businesses. Large vehicles that were fully covered with catchy tag lines and colourful graphics were becoming more prevalent. Today, vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective and dynamic form of outdoor marketing.


Industry statistics and brand development

According to research, vehicle wraps can reach 95 percent of North Americans, proving the effectiveness of moveable media. Compared to traditional advertising venues like radio spots, television commercials, billboards and print ads, vehicle graphics can take the message of businesses to inaccessible audiences. The average Canadian travels around 500 kilometers in a week. As the amount of time spent on the road is on the rise, advertisers have access to a bigger base of “captive” audiences. One branded vehicle can generate an average of 50,000 impressions during a day, depending on mileage and locality. The cost per impression makes for a terrific ROI. A separate survey showed that 92 percent of the respondents read the copy they saw on fleet graphics and 30 percent of them made decisions to buy a product based on mobile advertisements.

The most successful businesses are those that are able to craft a brand which speaks to its consumers. Abstract concepts like affinity to a brand are just as important, if not more, than concrete concepts such as benefits and price. Vehicle graphics offer thriving businesses an entirely new dimension for their marketing and branding efforts. It introduces the brand to new audiences. When the copy and design of the graphics are perfectly aligned with the established identity of the brand, it reinforces the image of the brand in a powerful way. Consumers consider your brand as a viable option if they are in the buying mindset. For customers who are not ready to buy, it builds awareness of your brand.

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