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Commercial Real Estate Signs


You’ve got a great property available, now you need a great sign. 

As each property is unique each sign will be unique.

The graphics are customized to highlight the special features of the property and the broker that will be handling the enquiries. To ensure the message can be read, first determine the maximum viewing distance the sign should be legible from. A rule of thumb is for every 10’ of viewing distance the letters need to increase by 1”. So a sign to be read from 80’ would require 8” letters.

The construction of the signs can be standardized, but there are still lots of options to be considered in determining your standard. The key attributes to be considered are:

  • Size of sign face(s)
  • Number of sign faces
  • Face material
  • Post material
  • Post installation
  • Post size
  • Cross and angled supports
  • Painting of supports
  • Location on the site to install the sign(s)
  • Bylaws that govern signs

Since each location is unique and there are such a wide range of options, the end results can be quite different. For peace of mind, work with a company that asks all of these questions before providing a quote. When it comes to commercial real estate signs one size does not fit all.

Download our handy Commercial Real Estate Sign Checklist or call SSK Signs today to address all of your commercial real estate signs in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas. 

Great uses for commercial real estate signs:

  • To bring attention to available lots
  • To provide ideas on how to develop the space
  • To provide contact details for prospective buyers


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