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Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics

Toronto businesses looking to increase brand visibility, customer engagement, and employee morale can harness the power of wall graphics to help boost their image. Transforming your company walls is an extremely effective way to grab people’s attention, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and employee productivity, resulting in higher sales.

Custom wall graphics can cover wall surfaces to amplify a specific marketing project, motivate employees with inspirational quotes or tell your business story, helping customers connect with your brand. Simply put, there really is no reason not to use unique vinyl wall decals as an easy and inexpensive way to transform your space and create a more inviting environment for everyone who walks through your door.

What Are Wall Decals?

Adding graphics to your walls can come in many different formats. A popular way to spruce up your wall space includes adding commercial wall decals. In fact, just about any type of wall decals can transform your Toronto and Mississauga space by incorporating meaningful images or messages designed to align with your brand.

Whether you’re a dental practice looking to add some warmth and colour or a restaurant hoping to impress customers, there are multiple options that can be created specifically for your business needs. SSK Signs is the custom wall decals expert in Mississauga and Toronto that can help you choose the ideal designs to improve your space and create an unforgettable environment.

Popular options include:

  • Wall cutouts – this is the most common type of graphic and is usually used to enhance the look of bland walls. Available in different sizes and shapes, they can also be applied on glass walls and glass doors.
  • Stickers made of vinyl - vinyl stickers are a great choice if you’re looking for decorative wall decals. They come in various sizes and really are a multipurpose option that can be used in spaces of all types.
  • Traditional decals – made using PVC plastic; this option is suitable when there is only one colour required to be used in the vinyl.
  • Block-cut vinyl – if you want more colour, then block-cut vinyl is the best option. Additional options include adding a metallic, mirror, and/or glittery effect to your walls. You can also choose different textures or finishes, if interested.

The cost of wall decals will depend on the space you’re looking to revitalize and the type of design you choose. Not sure what might work best for your business? The experts at SSK Signs are ready to work with you to ensure you choose designs that support your success.

Uses of Wall Decals

Known for their flexibility and versatility, wall signs really are a great way to amplify promotional messages and announcements without needing permanent signage. Adding wall decals in Toronto during a specific time of year or highlighting a certain product can be exactly what you need.

From small peel and stick decals to total wall takeovers, some top ideas for using graphics for business include:

  • Promoting products and services.
  • Communicating core values or company history.
  • Recognizing employees.
  • Designating certain areas for particular activities such as meeting or event spaces.
  • Using colours and images on the walls to create a unique environment or specific atmosphere.

With the right signage partner who can expertly handle custom wall decal printing in Toronto and Mississauga, you’ll be able to amplify your brand by including your logo, slogans, or imagery to further augment your message. Why not add textured decals in your lobby or enhance your hallways, or transform rooms by adding simple peel and stick decals? From medical offices to retail locations or educational centers, the right graphics have the ability to improve just about any type of professional or commercial space.

Find Wall Decals Near Me

SSK Signs helps Toronto businesses stand out by creating graphics for your walls using sharp lines and bright, saturated colours. Whatever your need, our team can work with you to create custom options that reflect your brand and your company’s personality. Be sure to also ask us about our professional installation, which ensures your graphics won’t experience bubbling, creasing, or peeling. From improving your lobby area to revitalizing office space, SSK Signs can help you make the most of your walls.


How do you put graphics on the wall?

If you’re interested in adding graphics to your company walls, vinyl graphics and decals are a great way to do it. While paint could also be an option, vinyl graphics are a much more flexible and cost-effective option that can truly be transformative. To start, think about where you’d like to see graphics in your space.

What is a vinyl wall graphic?

Vinyl wall graphics are large stickers made from specialty vinyl. They are excellent tools to add to your walls to support branding or décor. They can be cut to any shape, printed in full colour, and are easy to install. The adhesive used is designed for easy removal and does not damage walls.

What are the features and benefits of wall graphics?

Wall graphics can be used in so many ways! They can help divide spaces, create a specific atmosphere, motivate and inspire, or share more about your products and services. They are less permanent than paint, can be moved, are easy to maintain, and can be easily customized.

What is the difference between wall decals and stickers?

A sticker is typically printed on paper and isn’t as durable as a decal. Stickers aren’t usually transferrable either. Decals, on the other hand, are often made of vinyl and are die-cut, allowing for much more flexibility when it comes to shape and size. Stickers tend to be a one-time-use only material.

How much do wall graphics cost?

For all that they can deliver, wall graphics are a very cost-effective signage option. However, depending on how many or how big of a wall graphic you want, the cost will increase. High-quality wall graphics are worth the investment, though, as they install well, leaving less chance for cracking or bubbling.

Are wall graphics waterproof?

Not all wall graphics are waterproof, but you can get ones that are, depending on your needs. Waterproof wall graphics can be printed differently to help them stand up to wetness and moisture. Most wall graphics are water-resistant and can withstand being gently wiped down with a damp cloth.

Do wall decals damage walls?

Wall decals can be gently removed and shouldn't damage any wall paint underneath. If you are concerned, ask for more specifics about the decals you’re considering. Some options are known to be easier to reposition and use a lower adhesive. They’ll still be very effective but may be a better option depending on your needs.

How long do wall decals last?

Quality wall decals that were properly installed can have a lifespan of up to five years. In order to keep your decals looking their best, remove dust and dirt on a monthly basis. Using a mild soap and water mix, wipe decals with a soft cotton towel or rag. Wipe dry.

How do wall decals benefit businesses?

Wall decals can be a simple way to revitalize a business. From adding a more branded presence to transforming a leased space, these flexible and customizable tools can make your business more memorable. Use them to change a specific wall or add them throughout your space to improve the entire décor.

Are wall decals removable?

Yes, wall decals are easily removable in most cases. Before you begin, wipe any dust off of the decal. To remove the decal, find a corner you can start to peel away and then slowly pull the decal away from the wall in one direction. If the decal was installed properly, it should be easy to remove.


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