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The Current Status of ADA Regulations in Ontario

ADA regulations ensure that buildings are easily accessible for people with disabilities. The provisions ensure the installation of ADA signs across buildings and public spaces so that people with disabilities do not have any problem. The current status of ADA regulations in Ontario, Canada could be summarized through the following:

Building Code

  1. Building Code: The legal provisions require a path that is free from all barriers across all the buildings. The code necessitates a number of circulation and common access provisions. These requirements are mainly concerned about minimum doorway, ramp dimensions, corridor widths, building entrances, passing, turning spaces and rest spaces. Office signs and custom signs are also needed so that people with disabilities can understand the purpose of specific areas. Some of these requirements are:
  • Operators of power doors are supposed to be provided at the entrance doors and entrance vestibules for most buildings.
  • Operators of power doors are to be provided at the entrance door of all amenity rooms.
  • The width of the doors, the dimensions of the curb ramp and the space for the hallway passing are supposed to be updated.
  • The installation of indicators for tactile walking spaces just at the top of staircases and the edges of the platforms to help people with reduced vision to decipher that they are entering a potential hazardous area.
  1. Requirement to have elevators to propel access to all the storeys of a building: The legal statute necessitates providing elevators to propel access to all the floors with ease. It is essential to have a barrier-free entrance to all the areas in a building.
  1. Visibility suites meant for apartment constructions: The provision specifies that at least 15 percent of suites need to be constructed with accessibility features for differently-abled people. The requirement is again a prerequisite for a barrier-free access to all the parts of the apartment.
  1. Requirement for barrier-free washrooms: The code requires the construction of easily accessible bathrooms for people with disabilities. These washrooms are supposed to be setup at public places within the apartment. They should have a barrier-free path. The bathroom should additionally have showers and bathtubs that are barrier-free. Additionally, there should be at least one universal washroom in all public buildings and apartment buildings.

Easy access to spas and pool facilities

  1. Easy access to spas and pool facilities: The act also has legal provisions for providing barrier-free access to entertainment spaces such as spas and pools. These spaces need to be accessible to all Ontarians irrespective of their age and physical ability.
  1. Seating spaces to be adaptable and accessible: The law necessitates the setup of seating facilities in all public areas and buildings. The law also has provisions for seating spaces adapted to wheelchair requirements and the presence of wheelchair storage facilities.
  1. Renovation Plans: Renovation plans for existing buildings provide an area of opportunity to include the required accessibility factors. If any building or public space is supposed to be renovated, it must make arrangements for including all the basic accessibility conditions that were non-existent earlier.
  1. Provision For Braille: People with visionary disabilities are to be provided with braille signage so that they don’t have any issues deciphering specific instructions related to the building. The legal provisions are meant to benefit all the residents of Ontario such that accessibility standards are significantly improved.

Provision For Braille

The ADA regulations are an effective means to ensure that people with disabilities don’t find public places inconvenient to access. The administration in Ontario has always been receptive to the needs of people with disabilities and the provisions constitute a stark rejoinder to the same.

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