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Use Professional Signs To Spring Your Business Forward

Spring time is considered a time of revitalization. The landscape starts to show signs of colour and growth and people look forward to being out and about after spending more time at home over the winter. Spring is the perfect time to upgrade your professional signage and welcome customers into your business for a busy new season.

Post and Panel sign in Brampton

If your business currently has custom signs or commercial signage, take some time to evaluate their condition after a long Canadian winter. The first step should be to clean your signs as best you can. Avoid using cleaning products made with harsh chemicals and be sure to use a soft cloth so that you don’t scratch your signs. And using a power washer may seem like a good idea, but the spray could prove to be too strong for older signs. If you have specific questions regarding how best to clean your signs, contact a sign expert who can advise you on the best products and methods to use.

Once your signs are clean, examine them for wear and tear which can include:

  • Rips or tears in materials
  • Faded colours, images or wording
  • Loose installation
  • Burnt out lighting
  • Broken or cracked areas

If your signs are showing any type of significant wear and tear, the best option is to contact a signage company to quote you on replacing those signs. Keep in mind that your outdoor signs represent your business and your brand.  Damaged or worn signs do not give the impression you want!

Custom Fascia Sign Installed in Toronto

Spring cleaning your signs should also include a relevancy audit on all the professional signs you use in your business. Do your current custom signs accurately represent your business? Has your logo or messaging changed or would an updated look better represent your company? In addition, Spring is also a great time to ramp up your marketing plans and add additional signage to compliment your current efforts. Wall coverings, floor graphics or custom printed flags are all effective ways to further communicate with both potential and current clients.

Is your business ready for a fresh update for Spring?  New custom signs can really refresh your look, set you apart from competitors and catch the eye of your ideal customer. If you aren’t sure what your best signage solution might be, start by contacting SSK Signs and tell us what you are looking for. We can provide you with a wide range of options and take pride in producing custom signs that deliver exactly what our customers needed.

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