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The Importance of Property Management Signage

Property managers play a very important role when it comes to the success and profitability of real estate, commercial or retail properties.  One of the key tools for success that property managers have at their disposal are building signs.  Professional signs can make all the difference and can have a direct effect on keeping properties leased or rented as well as helping to attract customers to retail spaces.

Property Management Signage


Types of Property Management Signage

Property managers have many different types of building signs as well as commercial signage that they need to think about. Each type of professional sign plays an important role and should not be overlooked when it comes to properly managing a building. Keeping your building signs in good condition let’s potential tenants and customers know that the building is well cared for.

  • Wayfinding Signs. Creating custom signs for your property to let people know where to find the leasing office, parking, garbage chutes, specific units in the complex, etc. adds value and creates a positive experience for those who visit the property.
  • Safety Signs. Proper building signs indicating handicap parking, uneven walkways, stairs or any type of hazards not only protects your tenants but also protects the building from potential liabilities.
  • Advertising. If you have spaces for rent or lease in the building, you can use professional signs to share details and contact information.
  • Construction Hoarding. Printed construction hoarding is gaining popularity. Not only can it improve the look of your site while under renovation or construction, but you can also use it to provide information on what the facility will look like when its complete and what services or spaces people can expect upon completion.


If you are a property manager for commercial or retail spaces, your tenants will come to you to discuss their need for outdoor signs for their business. While your property may have specific guidelines that they have to adhere to, you can share your experience with building signs with regards to what has worked well in the past.

As a property manager, you should consider the following when sourcing custom signs or while helping your tenants with their own professional sign needs:

  • Finding the Right Signage Partner. Working with a professional signage company that has lots of experience in commercial signage will not only save your time but will allow you to have the opportunity to learn about new and more effective ideas that will work for your property. Find a signage partner that is well versed in sign permits and bylaws as well as someone who takes the time to understand your property and provide solutions that will really meet your needs.
  • Maintenance. There is no denying that some signs may look fantastic, but that doesn’t mean they are right for your needs.  You need to consider the purpose and location of your sign as well as think about the wear and tear or other maintenance needs it might have (think light bulb replacement).
  • What Type Of Investment Would You Like To Make? Great signs will be effective and will add value to your property. While you or your tenants may be tempted to cut corners and go with cheaper signage options, you need to think about what kind of investment you want to make in your building. Do cheap looking signs send the right message to your tenants and customers?  Will cheaper signs really be cheaper in the long run or will you have to replace them sooner?

Bottom line – if you want your property to be successful, take the time to invest in great professional signs. SSK Signs is the signage partner you need, to help you with all your commercial signage needs.  Our expertise in delivering signs that meet our customers’ needs is something you can count on.  Call us at 905 282 2225 and request a free quote for your building signs. We understand the importance of having your properties look professional and we know we can get the job done.

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