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Getting The Most Out Of Your Restaurant Signage

Those in the restaurant business know that eating involves all five senses, not just the taste buds. When people are deciding whether or not to eat at a certain restaurant, the first impression formed based on what they see on the outside of the restaurant absolutely impacts their decision and helps define pre-conceived ideas on what to expect. What does your outdoor signage say about your restaurant? Does it encourage current and potential customers to remember your business, your brand, your food and your service?

Professional signs really can be one of your most effective advertising tools. The outdoor signs for your business should not only give customers basic information about your restaurant but also tell your customers about your brand, your culinary attitude and what they can expect.

In order to grow your restaurant business using quality custom outdoor signs, keep the following information in mind.

1. Your First Message.

Effective business signage starts on the outside of your restaurant. Regardless of your location, your outdoor signage is your first chance to tell customers what’s going on inside and is often the determining factor on whether or not someone will walk through the door or not. Make sure that your sign can be seen from a distance and is installed in the right place – a great sign is not effective if no one can see it!

Using a colourful sign can be a great first step for attracting the attention of people walking or driving by. Front outdoor signage should be easy-to-read and well-lit, with a clear message. Make sure your logo, text and colours are contrasting to make them easy to read, but stay consistent with your brand messaging.

Pusateri's Graphic for Sherway Gardens Mall Hoarding in Toronto

2.What To Write.

The first thing people want to know about your establishment is what type of restaurant it is. Your logo and accompanying text need to give a clear indication of the type of restaurant and the kind of food that can be expected.  Adding a descriptive word or sentence to your signage to make it clear what you offer can attract attention and trigger action in those seeking what your sign describes. Categories such as pizzeria, all day breakfast or salad bar can help people make quick decisions about visiting your restaurant.

3. Using Moveable Outdoor Signage

Moveable or temporary outdoor signs can be used to share information related to special promotions, events, new menu items or to announce any other exciting news your customers should know about. Because these signs will be used for a very specific purpose, they should clearly spell out the promotion or event you are offering. Signs for this purpose achieve better results if they include a photo or graphics that help grab attention. It is important to work with a signage expert that can assure that the photos or images and colours used are the right quality to look professional and be effective.

Pusateri's Light Boxes in Oakville

In addition to custom outdoor signage, other popular sign options for restaurants include:

  • Storytelling Signage. Posted inside the restaurant, this type of signage tells customers a story about your operation such as where you source all your food products or which charities you support. If your restaurant has a fun or lively atmosphere, you can put funny anecdotes, jokes or interesting stories about your establishment. There are many unique options for this type of signage including wall murals or floor graphics.
  • Support Signage. While not as glamourous as your outdoor signage might be, wayfinding signs are important for every restaurant. Proper signs need to be used to mark specific areas such as restrooms, storage, employee only space, private dining, receiving department, etc. These types of signs should be created using your logo, colours and graphics and align with the branding on the rest of your signage.

As a restaurant owner or manager, your area of expertise is food and culinary management. Our area of expertise is great signage. Let SSK Signs be your partner in creating great signage for your restaurant so that you can focus on what you do best. Contact us to request a quote or call 905 282 2225 to speak to one of our signage experts and find out more about our services.

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