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Warning: Is Your Outdoor Sign Readable?

Do people know who you are, where you are and what your business does? Could you be missing out on customer traffic because you’re not effectively using outdoor business signage to drive people to your location?
The effects of having poor outdoor signage run much deeper than you might expect. It has been said that outdoor signage can attract up to 50% of your customers! Take a few minutes to do a quick audit of your current outdoor signage to find out if it is time for an upgrade.


  • Is your sign too crowded?  Even though you may feel like you have a lot to say, crowded signs are hard to read and instead of getting lots of information, people usually skip it and take away very little information.
  • Is your sign properly placed? Can people see it from the road? Can it be seen from multiple directions? Is it high enough?
  • Is it readable? This may seem really obvious but the font you pick as well as the contrast of colours used between background and text has a huge impact of the effectiveness of your sign.  You also need to be sure that the font size is big enough for people to read from a distance and that the sign can be read at night.
  • Is your sign accurate? If you’ve changed any products or services, hours or prices that are conveyed on the sign, you need to make sure you are giving out correct information.
  • Is your sign in good condition?  Cracked, peeled or faded vinyl signs or electric signs with burnt out letters are not giving off the impression that you want.

If you hesitated on any of the questions above, it is time for a change. Find an outdoor signage company that can work with you to create a professionally-designed sign that will properly convey and represent your business and get you the right exposure.

Here are four simple tips for creating effective outdoor business signage:

  1. Consistency: Your outdoor signage needs to match the rest of your brand in terms of colour, logo and overall feel.
  2. Keep it simple: The purpose of the sign is to draw people in after a quick glance.  Keep the text short.
  3. Proper installation: Even a great sign can be ineffective, thanks to poor installation.
  4. Choose images wisely: Pictures can be effective, but only if they make sense and have a purpose.  They need to be relevant or they are just taking up important signage real estate!

There are many options for outdoor signage, so don’t jump to just replace the existing sign you have.  Architectural building signs are a common choice, but other options such as awnings, pylon signs, channel letter signs, flags and custom outdoor sign options are other things you should consider.

At SSK Signs we take the time to understand your requirements, including design elements, timeline, budget, and code restrictions. Our professional design team will put together a proposal that will provide your business with exterior signage that delivers the first impression you want your customers to experience. Contact us today at 905 282 2225 for a no obligation quote.

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