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Frosted film
Five Reasons Your Business Needs Frosted Window Film

While windows are a coveted design element to add natural light and a sense of openness to a space, they can raise some privacy concerns, particularly in business and office settings. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to enjoy the natural light provided by windows while protecting the privacy of your employees and customers. Applying frosted film to windows will

business story with signs
How To Tell Your Business Story With Signs

Building a connection with your customers is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and interested in your business. Using visual communication tools like custom signs, provides an excellent opportunity for brands to create and tell a story that resonates with both current customers and also helps attract new customers.

custom corporate signage
Can A Sign Make Your Employees Happy?

You may be using great corporate signage to communicate to clients and suppliers, but what about using effective signs to communicate with your own employees? The fact that people respond well to and are motivated by recognition is well documented. How do you recognize your employees? If you are looking for a unique and inspiring way to motivate your staff, that not only provides them with recognition, but also publicly shares with the outside world how great your team is, it is time to investigate what signs can do!

custom indoor signs
How to Apply the Right Signage to Look Good and Engage Better!

When a customer enters your place of business, what do you want them to notice first? Is it clear to them what items or services are on sale? Do they know where to find things and what information they may need to know about your business?  These questions may sound simple but you only get seconds to impress upon your customers what you want them to know.

SSK Rock Wall in Mississauga
Build Your Brand Using Custom Wallpaper

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, creating an impressive first impression is always good for business. Many businesses think that they are harnessing most opportunities to showcase their brand but options like custom wallpapers and wall murals are often overlooked. But they shouldn’t be!

Record Your Corporate History on Wall Murals

Corporate history is more than simply pride for your company. The history is a testament to its founders- the people who held an unshakeable belief in their venture’s viability even in times when the going got rough. It can also function as a roadmap to the future of the business. You can use custom wall murals along with graphics for office spaces, foyers and even store fronts. These spaces can be an excellent display area of information for employees, visitors, clients, and investors.

The Importance of a Signage Project Manager

Even the smallest sign project needs good project management. The project manager must carefully analyse the task at hand and identify all risks. The manager must plan properly and put everything in their respective places.

Fascia sign and window graphics installed in Brampton
What are the Different Types of Signs

There are enormous varieties of signs.

External signs

These are the business images you see when you drive or walk down the street of any urban metropolis. To stand out from the visual clutter, your sign must deliver the maximum impact. It should also clearly present the brand and capture approval.

Mounting Options for Lobby Signs

The sign installed in the lobby of your office reflects your image to clients. While the exterior business signs show the name, logo and the address of your company, the interior lobby signs build your company’s image.

Equipment and Skills Required for a Sign Installation

It is important to hire only experienced sign technicians who have the capability to install new signs efficiently and securely, be it indoors or outdoors.