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Rising High: The Impactful Presence of Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are some of the most impactful signage you can get. In fact, we included them in our list of the top three outdoor signs that get noticed in the GTA. Pylons are large, lighted, and tall, making them the ideal choice if you are looking to make a mark in your community.

Read on to find out how towering pylon signs can boost your brand performance.

5 Ways Tall Pylon Signs Get You Noticed

  • Sheer Visual Impact

Outdoor pylon signage stands anywhere from 9 to 40 feet tall, giving it unmatched visibility. Whether your audience is near the sign or far away, they will not miss it. This is why big restaurants and your local gas station use pylon signs in Toronto.

  • Promote Your Brand Widely

Pylon signs near me should be part of your business’s branding strategy. Attractive pylons have the potential to project your branding far and wide. They tower over other businesses and help you get located easily in your city. To maximize your branding, make sure to incorporate your logo and colors prominently in the sign design.

  • Getting the Right Design

The top and bottom, colors and style of the sign, every factor plays a crucial role in projecting your brand, which means you are completely in control of the design. Combining lighting options with stunning sign faces will make your pylon sign highly attractive. One of the hottest trends in signage (and one that’s only set to grow) is digital signs. Add digital elements to your pylon sign and absorb people in large video ads.

  • Drive Urgency (and Sales) With Real-Time Updates

Digital pylon signs in Toronto offer another benefit–they get you attracted with real-time updates. A popular example (and one you’ve likely seen) is the digital gas station sign. It displays live gas prices and implicitly compel drivers to “fill up before the price goes up again”.

  • Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Pylons are powerful marketing tools for your business–as they are for others. Use your pylons to display ads for other businesses, and you can unlock a low-cost way to tap into advertising revenue streams. For example, consider a digital pylon sign installed at a commercial complex. You can rotate between displaying your own branding and ads for other businesses.

Thinking of Getting Outdoor Pylon Signage for Your Business?

There are a few things to consider if you are planning on getting a pylon sign for your business:

  • Zoning and permit – The first step in getting a pylon is finding out if your area allows installing a tall sign. Check with the municipality (here are the requirements for Toronto) to understand zoning restrictions and the permit required.
  • Cost and value – Pylons are a significant upfront investment. In addition to the cost of the sign, you should plan to prepare the surface on which the sign will be installed, the fees for the permit, shipping and installation charges.

Excited at the Prospect of Getting a Pylon Sign Near You

A pylon sign has the potential to massively amplify your presence in the area. What’s more, it can unlock new revenue streams, too. However, you need to do your due diligence to understand if the sign is right for your property. Start by booking a free consultation with our team. We can answer most of your questions (including whether you need a permit and cost) and make a perfect sign for your business.

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