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Transforming Vehicles with Eye- catching Truck Wraps

Truck wraps are powerful and cost-effective marketing tools. We’ve written extensively about how they can deliver value for your business. Studies have shown they aren’t just eye-catching, truck and trailer wraps also have a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

So, what should you display on your truck graphics? This blog is all about ideas. We’re sharing eight inspiring design ideas for wraps.

8 Truck Wrap Designs that Will Get You Noticed

  • Get the Essentials Right

This successful SSK Signs project is a great example of simple but effective truck vinyl wraps. The wrap prominently displays the business’s name, the partners it works with, and the service it provides. Put together they are a neat branding packaging that reflects what the business is all about.

  • Advertising Your Business

AliJandro’s Kitchen flaunts its fusion cuisine and its catering business–all with one wrap. The brand’s vibrant green and orange are perfect for making the truck stand out in a sea of traffic. You can even display your menu (or pictures of dishes) to take the design one step further.

  • Add a New Dimension to Advertising

Getting the three-dimensional look on a wrap isn’t easy, but it looks positively stunning when you do! The designs in these wraps are so effective that you can almost hear the lion roar. Design is key to getting the 3D look right, which is why you should work with a seasoned signage partner to get your perfect sign.

  • This Graphic is the Cartographer’s Dream

There’s something so distinctive about map graphics! They give people something to pore over, plus allow you to highlight your locations. Use dropped pins on truck vinyl wraps to show where your offices are located (and even their address).

  • Don’t Forget the Windows

The windshield and windows are valuable marketing space. Truck wraps allow you to display messages on them as well. Note that Ontario has visual light transmission laws that prescribe how dark a tint can be. Your sign company will be able to guide you on that.

  • Don’t Forget about Equipment and Trailer Wraps

Wraps for heavy machinery and trailers are easy ways to brand your equipment. Trailer wraps are especially powerful since they give you vast flat sides to work with. It’s not over-selling it…you really can turn your truck into a mobile billboard!

  • Express Your Creativity

Unique designs are memorable and get people talking. Take the time to design creative truck wraps that reflect your branding uniquely. This Ritter Sport ad gets that so right. It’s all about the chocolate, yet you can really appreciate the intelligence behind the design.

  • Display Regulatory Signs Prominently

Most commercial vehicles in Ontario need to display registration and safety information. With truck graphics, you can display it proudly, while decorating the vehicle. This truck, for instance, showcases the facility’s eco-credentials while simultaneously warning road users.

Let’s Get the Show on the Road

Whether you want to turn your trucks into mobile ads or just brand them tastefully, we are the team for you. SSK Signs offers end-to-end experience, handling everything from design to installation and even truck wrap maintenance. Book a free consultation and start branding your vehicles today.

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