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How Much Information Should You Put on your Pylon Sign?

A well-executed pylon sign has the potential to instantly increase your business visibility. It has a great deal visual appeal and can be instrumental in rapidly creating new customers. Outdoor signs are also very cost effective and generally provide a good ROI.

The name or function delivers the message quickly

The name or function delivers the message quickly

While there are few who would doubt their utility, do you know how you can better leverage your outdoor business signage to help your business? While the location and appearance are often on everyone’s mind, too often things fall apart when it comes to the message.

Here are a few tips that will help you grow your brand and business by taking your custom signs to the next level.

How much is not too much?

By this time you would have already selected a suitable location with sufficient traffic to bring your business the desired visibility, and probably locked down the most ideal height of your outdoor pylon sign. Now it is time to focus on the message that you need to convey to people. So often, businesses tend to destroy their chances by cluttering the pylon or other signs with too much information. A barrage of information can be overwhelming, the core message tends to get buried and customers are distracted by superfluous details that contribute little to their awareness of your brand. This is even more crucial if your advertisement is set up next to a highway or major road where a large percentage of the intended views will be motorists whom won’t have time to read long messages as they drive past.

In signage, less can definitely be more. Never try to list all the features of your product or service in such a short, limited space as nobody has the time to read so much in such a short span. So stay ‘on message’ to keep it focused and to the point. It’s probably best to limit the information to these general elements: The name of a product or service that you are promoting, a call to action, your brand name and maybe contact details like a phone number, if the service is based on delivery to the customer or requires further information. Sometimes there is only room for the company name and maybe an image, as this conveys a message in less space.

The flags convey a message faster than words

The flags convey a message faster than words

Keep it legible.

If the pylon is in front of a mall or business park, where there is a cluster of companies, each drawing attention away from the others’ efforts. This is important to keep in mind when deciding the size and readability of your sign’s font and colours.

The generally accepted rule of thumb is that for every inch increase in the font size used by your sign, it’s optimal readability distance increases by about ten feet. Simple, easy to read fonts are also the order of the day and finally the use of high contrast between the colour of the text and the background can also heavily improve the readability of a sign.

A pylon sign is a great attention seeker. But that should generally be the extent of its use. You should save the detailed information for other avenues and save the pylon to present just a taste of what you have to offer in order to pique their interest. Pylons can play a part in teasers because of their high visibility and instant reach to a large audience.

People are looking for the number more than the street name

People are looking for the number more than the street name

What kind of lighting should you use if your business peaks after sundown?

You can use different kinds of lights- neon, incandescent or fluorescent. But LED illuminated pylons are the latest technology because of the reduce energy consumption. If you want to run a teaser campaign or if you need to change the information on your custom signage periodically, installing an LED screen is a hassle-free option.

A pylon sign with the right content, proper visibility and an eminently readable font style, size and colour can give your business a major boost and a significant advantage in a crowded market place.

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