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Contemporary Landmarks: Modern Monument Signs Redefine Impressions

Do you feel like your existing signage doesn’t do your business justice? Once your business has earned a place in the community with time and contribution, it is an excellent idea to spruce up your signage. That’s where monument signage comes in. Monument signs are a powerful sign solution that businesses can benefit from in a multitude of ways. In this blog, we will find out how they redefine how your business is seen by customers.

Taking Pride in Your Business

Monument signage is a significant investment for the business. People often associate monument signs with high-quality establishments, as they represent professionalism and solidity. The time, effort, and investment it takes to install monument signs suggest that the business takes pride in its appearance and what it offers.

Project a Sense of Permanence

Brick, mortar, stone, and metal convey a sense of longevity that is unmatched by many other signs. It’s why you’ll find modern monument signs outside hospitals, offices, educational institutions, and government buildings. This kind of architectural presence helps customers build confidence in a business.

Set the Stage for Positive Interactions

The appearance of monument signs set the stage for people’s interaction with your business. Electronic monument signs, for instance, suggest a cutting-edge business that prioritizes modern solutions and updated information. That’s why electronic monument signs are fitting for fast-moving industries, such as technology and retail. On the other hand, signs made of stone or metal convey a sense of timelessness and solidity, which is why they can be found outside of residential buildings and hospitals.

Become a Part of the Local Architecture

The International Sign Association estimates that 85% of your customer base lives or works within eight kilometers of your location. That makes becoming part of the community vitally important. With monument signs, you can do just that. Design your signage to complement the local environment and watch them capture attention effortlessly.

Enhance the Surroundings

Modern monument signs are usually designed to match their surroundings, such as incorporating natural elements or lighting features. Plus, the style incorporates architectural features such as engraving and buttresses. By complementing the location, your business can create a more inviting and attractive environment.

Built to Stand the Test of Time

A monument sign can become a landmark in your community. For instance, one of the reasons for the fame of Chicago Theatre’s sign is that it has endured since 1944. Monument signs offer extensive durability – as they are constructed with long-lasting materials – meaning they will continue to deliver value for decades.

Looking for Inspiration for Your Monument Sign?

Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of signs to offer ideas for how you can design yours.

This Mississauga sign for Nadine is an excellent example of an architectural sign. It combines a cement structure with dark lettering, making for an extremely easy-to-read sign. It shows how effective a relatively simple design can be.

This Metric sign in Brampton shows how attention-grabbing an illuminated monument sign can be at night. The lighting is bright but doesn’t compromise the readability of the sign. If you install LED lighting in your sign, you’ll enjoy far lower operating costs than traditional bulbs.

Get Your Business Noticed

Monument signs offer an incredible return on investment through their visibility and the various business opportunities they unlock. Book a free consultation with our team to find the right signs for your business.

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