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How to Use Outdoor Signs to Communicate Your Retail Brand

Yes, your retail location needs outdoor signage – that’s a fact we know you would agree with easily. But we also know that you are probably looking for more than just a basic sign. If you are going to spend money on a sign that represents your business, why not make it the most effective sign that you can? SSK Signs is a professional sign company that works with businesses to make the sign they need do more than just the basics. Outdoor signs for your retail brand can be a worthwhile investment for your business and your bottom line.

Outdoor signs for retail businesses can create a lasting impact. They need to attract and convert customers as well as retain the customers you already have.  Finding the right outdoor signs to do just that can be an overwhelming task. Having a signage partner that is ready to support your vision and business goals and then present solutions you can use can make all the difference when it comes to the final outdoor signs representing your brand.

Outdoor Signs to Communicate Your Retail Brand

What to Choose?

When you are deciding on what type of professional outdoor signs you need for your business, think beyond the basics.  While most business owners know that a store front sign is a necessity, there are many other options for outdoor signs that can help communicate the branding of your retail stores.

What to Say?

We can offer some tips to help you craft the wording and images you use for your retail outdoor signs.

  • Be brief and to the point – People are increasingly used to shorter and shorter messages, thanks to texting, smart phones and social media.
  • Be clear – Both in the font type you choose and in the images. The sign shouldn’t feel cluttered.
  • Activate your sign – Use words like ‘you or yours’ to help customers visualize themselves using your products. State the reason why the customer should be buying your product – what will it do for them?
  • Have fun – Show your brand’s personality or add a bit of humour. Customers will remember something that made them smile, laugh or think.

Signage is more than just getting the basics out to the world.  There are infinite opportunities that outdoor signage can provide to your next retail marketing plan.  The key is finding a company that can understand your goals, provide you with ideas, support and solutions that make marketing your business efficient and deliver on your signage needs and expectations.

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