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Build Your Brand Using Custom Wallpaper

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, creating an impressive first impression is always good for business. Many businesses think that they are harnessing most opportunities to showcase their brand but options like custom wallpapers and wall murals are often overlooked. But they shouldn’t be!

Custom Wallpaper Signage

Custom wallpapers and wall murals offer much more opportunity than you might think and can be really great tools for business growth.  Gone are the days when custom walls meant a hand painted mural that was time consuming and expensive! So how can your business utilize the new era of custom wallpaper signage options? Let’s examine the benefits of custom wallpapers and wall murals and discuss how to choose the right one for your business.

Your Audience

Keep in mind that custom wallpaper can not only benefit clients and business partners, but your employees too. Using the wall space you have, you can create ambiance (spa, restaurant, child care, etc), strengthen your brand (show products, incorporate your logo and company colours) and motivate your staff (motivational sayings, company vision, encouraging words). Since you are likely to have several walls in your space, why not use them to your advantage?

Custom wallpapers and wall murals command the room.  They look professional and send the message that your business is confident in the products and services it provides. That message is highly encouraging to customers and is just another way to make your business unforgettable.


Yes, custom wallpaper is obviously customized to your needs.  You’ve spent many hours thinking about your brand and your business, why not drive that home in all areas you can? Don’t settle for something that will sort of do the job when you can have something that will have a positive effect on your business. Because it is custom, there are so many options to choose from. Working with an experienced signage company will allow you to really understand what the options are and work within your budget and timelines to produce an outstanding end result.

Textured Wall Designs

Project Specific

Announcing a major milestone, creating a custom company timeline or be it reinforcing your company’s values, vision and mission by creating a custom wall mural, that’s digitally printed.

Custom wallpapers and murals are perfect for these types of projects. Capture attention, showcase what really matters and drive attention to what you want people to notice.

Once you decide that custom wallpaper is an option worth exploring, think about the following things:

  • Texture – Are you looking for flat or textured wall designs?
  • Colour
  • Environment – What other elements are in the space that you need to work around or work with?
  • Message – What do you want the wallpaper to convey?

Custom wallpaper and wall murals have become a growing trend. Businesses can completely redo their waiting room, work areas or retail spaces with custom graphics that make an impact without blowing the budget. Contact SSK Signs to find out more about custom wallpaper options that will help you build your brand.

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