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How to Apply the Right Signage to Look Good and Engage Better!

When a customer enters your place of business, what do you want them to notice first? Is it clear to them what items or services are on sale? Do they know where to find things and what information they may need to know about your business?  These questions may sound simple but you only get seconds to impress upon your customers what you want them to know.  So how do you make sure you are getting your messages out?  Great signs, of course!

custom indoor signs


When determining what custom indoor signs could improve the look and experience inside your business, business owners and marketing managers need to know that it is more than just the words on the sign that matter.

You should also make sure:

  • Your signage matches your brand. Are the brand colours correct?  Are they vibrant and rich?
  • Your signage is consistent. Even signs created for a new promotion need to be consistent with the look and feel of the other signage in and outside your store.
  • Your signage is cost effective and durable. Signage used on a temporary basis can still be unique and impressive at a cost effective rate.

Indoor signage done poorly can cause confusion and even drive people out of your bricks and mortar space. We’d argue that good indoor signage is just as important as your website design! A good way to think about it is to consider signs to be one of your salespeople. Signage helps your customers navigate your business without asking sales staff basic questions. Each sign can be designated a specific task such as providing sales information, wayfinding or general product information.

It’s not necessary for you to become an expert on custom indoor signsSSK Signs is continually working to build long term relationships with our customers.  Let us understand what you need out of signage and we will do our best to bring you unique, cost effective and solution based signage that will relieve some of your marketing pain points.

Ask yourself why you use signs. You need to get the customer to do something, right? By working with a professional signage company that has experience with custom indoor signs, you can have effective signs that achieve a goal and encourage your customers to act on a call to action. SSK Signs can brainstorm infinite ideas that can help you build and grow your business.  Trust us to deliver on your signage needs, call us today for a quote at 905 282 2225.

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