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How To Tell Your Business Story With Signs

Building a connection with your customers is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and interested in your business. Using visual communication tools like custom signs, provides an excellent opportunity for brands to create and tell a story that resonates with both current customers and also helps attract new customers.  While many people think of professional signs as merely a way to communicate basic information, the reality is that signs can function as a narrative that describes who your business is and what it does.

Through the use of logos, images, text or other visual cues, you can create custom signs that will serve as a storytelling mechanism to draw potential customers in and build brand awareness. So, what story do you want your professional signs to say about your Mississauga or Toronto area business?

business story with signs

What To Include On Custom Signs Used For Storytelling

Just like writing a story of any kind, you need to start at the beginning and build a story that will make sense and evoke emotion. Here are a few tips on how to effectively tell your business’ story with signs.

Start At The Beginning

Why and when did your business start? What problem does it solve? What are the values and core ethics? What has changed since the business started? Tapping into these elements will help you form the concepts for your commercial signage. Don’t forget to include things that make your business unique.

Be Proud Of What You Do Well

As we mentioned above, great signage tells a story and is more than just basic information about your business. While you won’t be able to cover every single thing that your company excels at, you can integrate what you do best and why into your custom signs. Choose a simple and clear format that is easy to read and build this content into your signage strategy.


Building Storytelling Signage

Once you have a vision on how you want your company story to be told, the final step is working with an experienced signage company to make it a visual reality.  Using professional signage to tell your story means that you will need to consider all types of signs including outdoor signs for your business, lobby signs, and even unique options like advertising vehicle wraps to make your Mississauga area business stand out.

The three main areas to consider are:

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs for business should capture people’s attention and embody the style of your business and brand. This is the first introduction to your story, so consider your brand’s font, colours, images and tag lines.  You also want to be sure that your outdoor signs look professional and will hold up to environmental conditions, so choosing the right material type is important as well.

Interior Signs

Once people have been attracted enough to enter your business, your indoor signs should follow through with their expectations and should expand on the personality of your business. Lobby signs can share details on things like the company history and what you can do for your customers. Use your storytelling signs to present an authentic experience for your customers.

Office Signs

Telling the story of your business is not only great for customers but can be great for employees too! Think about creating a digitally printed wall mural that functions as a hall of fame to boost employee morale or use a mural to showcase the company history and important milestones.


The Right Solutions For Your Storytelling Signs

SSK Signs are sign experts supporting businesses in the Mississauga and Toronto area and can provide you with unique sign solutions that will bring your story to life. The SSK team can guide you when it comes to choosing the right signs for the job and can complete professional sign installation as required. Call us at 905 282 2225 to request a free quote or send us an email at [email protected] to request more information.

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