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Record Your Corporate History on Wall Murals

Corporate history is more than simply pride for your company. The history is a testament to its founders- the people who held an unshakeable belief in their venture’s viability even in times when the going got rough. It can also function as a roadmap to the future of the business. You can use custom wall murals along with graphics for office spaces, foyers and even store fronts. These spaces can be an excellent display area of information for employees, visitors, clients, and investors.

Wall murals

They are big printed graphics. Wall murals are generally present in a large and open space like a hallway or an outdoor wall. They are made in such a way that they catch the eye and are undeniably attractive. These murals can be applied on either outdoor or indoor locations. They have become popular as companies have started to recognize the value which art can offer to a community or a business.

Murals create a focal point which is aesthetically pleasing and can smarten up any plain wall. The wall will transform the space into a conversation piece. When put outside wall murals can be an attractive advertisement. It could also become a known fixture in the community.

Wall murals can include a variety of designs and images. It is quite common to observe exterior murals which represent communities, like historical figures, popular local icons and famous attractions. Local wildlife may also be depicted. When your company commissions the mural, it is possible to discreetly include a little of your own influence along with advertising. It can be an excellent marketing tool.


Wall mural in a branch office with photos of the other manufacturing locations


As a business, endless possibilities exist for the number of ways you can use the murals. If you are in healthcare, the mural can liven up the normally staid hospital establishment. If in the restaurant business, you can place the mural so that it is exposed to a busy street or a parking lot. If your line of business is extremely competitive, you can showcase your company by putting in a mural. When you need to repaint walls of your business building, considering a wall covering to showcase the logo of your business.

Business timelines

A journey down memory lane is enjoyed to the full when the mural’s timeline represents the history of the company in the events’ chronological order. It is perfect when there is a long wall like a hallway. As a matter of fact, any hallway that is too narrow for framed artwork display makes an excellent location for wall graphics installation. It is, of course, possible that a horizontal mural showcasing your company history can be put on a focal wall of the office building. It could also be placed in the lobby. All of these depends on the wall size.

Mixing mission statements with history

Almost everyone working in your company or related to it may know about its history. The wall mural can take this information and tailor it in such a way that it will be relevant not only now, but also in the future. This is made possible through the incorporation of mission statements. Eye catching displays can be created by combining graphics and vinyl lettering. The mix makes for a stunning display. The visual appeal can be further enhanced with digital images of the founders of the company. Customers can connect with this branding tool and gain further confidence when doing business.


Wall graphics in a lobby/reception area to encourage people to gather

Wall of motivation

The wall mural should concentrate on the company history and outline its achievements over the many years of its existence. Investors and clients get confidence when they read the mural. They will understand the love you have for your company and the business too.

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