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Can A Sign Make Your Employees Happy?

You may be using great corporate signage to communicate to clients and suppliers, but what about using effective signs to communicate with your own employees? The fact that people respond well to and are motivated by recognition is well documented. How do you recognize your employees? If you are looking for a unique and inspiring way to motivate your staff, that not only provides them with recognition, but also publicly shares with the outside world how great your team is, it is time to investigate what signs can do!

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Some of the most effective internal signage for businesses are lobby signs and wall coverings. While these sign options add professionalism, brand awareness and aesthetics to your space, you can also use these types of signs to change the way you recognize your employees. Something simple like a sign that shares successes and achievements can help employees feel more connected to their work place and improve retention.

If you need some ideas on how to get started, take a look at some of the most popular ways to use signs to improve and develop employee morale.

1. Wall of Fame

Whether you choose to recognize an employee of the month, top sales person of the year or award winning projects – that part is up to you. Putting up a professional looking sign that recognizes hard work is a great visual that can motivate teams and encourage employees to take pride in their work. SSK Signs offers a wide variety of sign types that would work for creating your custom wall of fame. Our expert teams can work with you to come up with a design that will represent your business and your employees.

2. Success Stories

When your employees achieve great success, talk about it!  If you don’t, who will? Sharing success stories becomes a part of your company’s history and can be used as a leadership tool to help drive the culture you want for your business. Showcase photos using acrylic boards and using vinyl lettering to tell the accompanying story is a popular option in addition to using wall coverings or wall murals. This type of visual impact is a constant reminder about what can be achieved with hard work.

3. Recognition Banners

Celebrating a big milestone? Banners are the best option for adding some recognition for a specific day or timeframe. Whether you are celebrating a company milestone, an award or recognition of long standing employees, getting a banner made to mark the occasion shows that those being celebrated are valued.

4. Motivation Space

While it is always great to receive accolades from your boss, giving colleagues the opportunity to share their admiration and respect for their co-workers is also a powerful way to build a strong culture and a solid team. Creating a sign and a space that encourages others to share congratulatory messages or words of encouragement becomes a positive focal point for your employees.

SSK Signs is not your average sign provider. We are not only experts in your standard signage needs but have the knowledge and drive to work with you to create unique and powerful signs that can help you build your business.  Contact us at 905 282 2225 to discuss whatever idea you have in mind – our team is ready to help you build, design and execute the signage you need.

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