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How Font And Colour Choices Effect Your Signs

Choosing the right commercial signage for your business is important.  Not only will your professional signs serve as information tools providing current and potential customers with pertinent information, but any sign you choose to represent your company also becomes a part of your brand strategy.


From custom outdoor signs to lobby signs, SSK Signs in Mississauga works with clients to inspire, educate and problem-solve all their sign related needs and ensure that the final results add value to their business.  Working with a company that has extensive experience in creating professional signs means that you can have confidence in their recommendations and suggestions when it comes to designing the right commercial signs for your business.

Creating the most effective signs requires more than just putting up words and images for people to see.  Taking the time to choose both the best font and colours can make a big difference in the impact your signs will have.

Options To Consider When Choosing Sign Fonts And Colours 


It is always important for any professional signage you create to be consistent with your brand. That being said, there are always ways to get creative, and produce show stopping signs that are both on brand and unique.

Choosing colour combinations that are easy on the eyes and make the text easy to read is important.  You need the colour of the font used to have a big enough brightness differential so that the words can be easily legible. In addition, choosing complementary colours helps to make your signs more appealing.  Some top choices are:

custom colour management

  • Red & orange
  • Red & violet
  • Yellow & orange
  • Yellow & green
  • Blue & violet
  • Blue & green

Don’t forget that people already have pre-conceived notions when it comes to colours.  Green is associated with peacefulness and is the easiest colour for the eye to recognize.  Blue is the second easiest colour on the eye and tends to be the most popular colour when it comes to creating signs.  In addition, men and women have different colour preferences – another factor to keep in mind depending on who your target audience is. What colour perceptions go well with your business?

Once you have chosen the right colours to reflect the image and values of your business, SSK Signs will use a colour management process to create custom ICC profiles for each media type and each printer to ensure that your professional signs will have the best possible colour reproduction.


Font is a specific style of typeface with a set width, size, and weight. Why is this important?  Choosing a font that is hard to read makes people work too hard mentally and causes them to have a negative association with your message even if they want what you have to offer!

That’s not to say that unusual fonts should never be considered.  Using unique or harder to read fonts can make it easier for people to remember your message, you just have to be sure that the message warrants the risk.

There are typically four categories of fonts to choose from:

  • Serif Fonts – Letters with short lines coming off the edges. Letters appear more formal and traditional. Best suited for print.
  • Sans-serif Fonts – Letters are plain, without serifs. Viewed as informal and playful. Best suited for digital.
  • Script Fonts – Resembles handwriting and often used for more formal text. Not ideal for wayfinding signs such as lobby signs.
  • Decorative Fonts – Informal fonts viewed as original. Best suited for headlines and can be a good option when creating custom outdoor signs.

Getting It Right

As you can see, there are lots of options to consider when it comes to choosing colours and fonts for your professional signs.  Working with the right signage partner is a key component to when determining what the right choices are for your commercial signs.  SSK Signs offers expert signage support to businesses in the Toronto and Mississauga area and welcomes the opportunity to offer solutions for all your signage needs.  Give us a call 905 282 2225 to get started.

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