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Colour Combinations that Work Well on Signs

Since a business’s brand/logo will be applied to all advertising it is important to find the most appealing colours to fulfil their specific requirements. It is a fact that colours affect a person’s psychology- and more so, in advertising promotions. Modern colour research will help you to reap the maximum benefit from your signs.


Contrast variations of light on dark and dark on light

When it is time to select the correct colour combination, it is important to know the visibility level that will be created by the action. The contrast of light colour graphic or font on dark background or vice versa, will attract more viewers to the signage. The fonts must be uncomplicated and legible. The graphic or background must never distract from the sign’s original message.

Since people have a psychological reaction to a number of colours, it is important to select shades which closely identify with the company theme or business. To give an example, warm colours encourage individuals to be comfortable and also to linger and relax. In case you want your clients to spend more time in your restaurant or store, it is a wise decision to select from a colour pallet of reds, yellows and oranges. If you want attention, look no further than yellow. Then again, you can also pick signature colours like electric green or hot pink. Strong blues and reds are popular choices.


The colour denotes blood and fire and is linked with energy, danger, determination, strength and power. It also portrays passion, love and desire. It is frequently utilized for warning signs. Such signs consist of white or yellow lettering surrounded by a red background. Pictograms solve the problem of the language barrier.


It is the sunshine colour and linked with happiness, energy, intellect and joy. A yellow background is the most effective in a visually crowded environment. Black lettering on a yellow background sends out a clear information rich message. Utilizing yellow also enables the easy use of green, red and orange – all colours which give a great performance in the signage universe. This is the reason many traffic signs have a yellow background and black lettering.


Successful colour combinations


It is the colour of the sea and the sky and frequently linked with stability and depth. Blue symbolises loyalty, intelligence, heaven, trust, confidence, truth, and faith. This colour works excellent with white lettering and used as information signs. In many countries, blue is also used as a railway sign. If you use blue, then you should create substantial contrast so that sign works best. To give an example, a light blue background needs higher contrast lettering and for dark blue, white lettering.


It is linked with elegance, mystery, formality, power, death, and evil. If there is a black background, then the lettering will stand out more compared to other coloured backgrounds. The colour black is one of few surfaces which permit other colour text to stand out and work well. However, too small lettering and too much contrast will lead to the text being less legible. Large white lettering on a black background is excellent. Yellow and black is also an excellent combo.


It is linked with light, innocence, purity, and goodness. This colour is regarded as the colour of perfection. The white background surface offers the best workable combinations. However do note that white could absorb the environment. The background may squeeze the black lettering and makes them much harder to read. The lower contrast lettering offers much better results like red, orange and blue. The white background could be utilized in particular sign projects where the design plays a larger part than actual way-finding.


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