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Custom Signage for Restaurants

The restaurant business is a tough business. It’s very likely that there are restaurants operating in your area which are targeting the same customers and even serving a similar type of menu. You have to differentiate your restaurant to give customers a reason to choose you over the competition. How are you going to stand out? By using custom signs for your restaurant, you can bring your brand and your vision to life and make it easy for customers to choose you while making a decision on where to enjoy a meal.

Illuminated Letters with Metal Face at Daits

Ways to Make Custom Signs For Restaurants Work for You

Commercial signage is something that may not seem exciting, but when done well, it really can be one of the best parts of your marketing strategy.  When you choose to do custom signs, the right signage partner will work closely with you to capture your restaurant’s atmosphere, personality, and values.  Having dynamic custom signs effectively positioned both inside and outside your restaurant will provide consistency and shows customers that you care about your brand and your business.

Some unique ideas for custom signs for restaurants include:

  • Custom banners. Vinyl is a very affordable option when it comes to either custom outdoor banners or custom banners for indoor use. You can choose colour and size as well as be creative with designs that reflect your brand. Display menu items, upcoming events, weekly specials and other information you would like your customers to know.
  • Bar Area Signage. It is a common mistake to leave your bar area unbranded. The bar area usually has lots of available space for custom signs and is a great place to really show your restaurant’s personality.
  • Floor & Wall Graphics. Even though it’s commercial signage, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! Floor graphics are a very unique way to grab someone’s attention and utilize high traffic space to still engage with your customer. Digitally printed wall murals enable you to enlarge custom images of your best menu items or special information about your restaurant’s philosophy – think about how this could transform your space!
  • Storefront Lettering & Window Graphics. Your restaurant storefront windows can market to your potential customers’ 24-hours a day, 365 days per year. This type of custom signage works very well as street traffic and customers can always get a sense of your restaurant even when you aren’t open. In addition, storefront lettering and window graphics look very professional.
  • Vehicle Wraps. Does your restaurant cater or deliver? Custom vehicle wraps are a phenomenal way to build your brand fast and get your logo recognized!

Vehicle Wrap Driver's Side for a Catering Van

When it comes down to getting your commercial signage noticed, well-designed, full-color logos, consistent messages, and photos on display all customized to suit your restaurant is the way to go. SSK Signs has the expertise and the creative force to work with you and create custom signs that will strengthen your marketing and branding efforts.  There is an opportunity to make your restaurant really stand out – take it! Call us at 905 282 2225 and let’s talk about how to take your commercial signage to the next level.

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