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Why Regular Sign Updates Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Plan

It is a good idea to pause for a moment and take a look at your office signs every now and then. Business owners often overlook the repair and updates that need to be made to their business signage as they get caught up with a thousand other things that occupy their daily schedule.

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As you look down the hallway of an office building, there are signs of all sizes, fonts, colours and materials. You can date them based on how well they are made. The 70’s peel and paste lettered sign; the 80’s plastic wood grains; the 90’s two color acrylic signs. This isn’t even taking into consideration the exterior signs and window graphics. It can overwhelm the most enthusiastic facilities manager. Here are a few indicators that it is time for you to get a new sign:

  1. Washed out and bent – The outdoor sign that you installed when you first moved in to your space might have been bright, sharp, and full of life. But with years of abuse by inclement weather, the life and colour starts to fade. Even the best signs can end up looking washed out and may need a breath of fresh air. Get a new outdoor sign for your business to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward to clients and customers.
  2. Font failure – Vinyl letters applied on top of a substrate like foam or acrylic board to make custom signs is a standard staple of sign boards. A lot of businesses use these type of signs to convey information to their customers. However, with time, the letters start to fall off, peel, and just look tired. If your sign is in tatters, it does nothing to make your business look appealing even if your marketing plan is good. Get a new one and ensure that you get one that uses the highest quality vinyl and printing materials to avoid any future problems.
  3. Crack attackWindow graphics and decals expand under heat and contract in the cold. If it is not made of the best materials, and changed within its design limits, it will end up cracking under all that stress. Cracked graphics and lettering looks neglected and unprofessional. Moreover, window lettering is one of the most cost-effective and easiest sign options. So, make sure that your window does not suffer from cracked signs.
  4. Curl up and wither away – A lot of the times, window lettering gets so bad due to temperature changes that they curl up and wither off. The only solution against this problem is to use high quality material so that you can prevent, or at least, delay the decay of your sign.


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With the barrage of things to think about when you are running a business, it is essential to not let your signage fall by the wayside. Every now and again, take a look at all the signs in your building (window graphics, banners, wall murals, directional signage) and make sure that they meet all the standards for your business. If possible get a new customer to walk through with you to give you a fresh perspective on the state of your signage, if your signs have deteriorated they may be promoting your competitor’s business, if they have up to date signs, instead of yours. When updating your signs, prioritize your needs.

Start on the exterior as these are the first signs your potential customers see. Then move indoors to your lobby sign. Then move on to the hallway and conference rooms. Coordinate the signage in areas where the customers visit. Talk to your sign company to see whether you are complying with ADA requirements. If it’s been awhile since you talk with a professional sign company you will be pleasantly surprised at the improvements and options that are now available for commercial signs.

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