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Grow Your Business With Building Signs

A building might be designed well, but unless the signage is also well designed it can become confusing for people to get to where they need to be. By opting for proper signs like channel letters, light boxes, custom logos and banners, you could increase your building’s visibility both outside and inside the premises. A proper visual communication model for your building is required for the primary reason of improving your business. Some of the common building signs include:

  1. Building Directories: A comprehensive and crisp building directory is a must for visitors so they can understand the various areas of the building. These directories come in various forms and shapes depending on the necessity.

Building directory sign

  1. 3D Dimensional Letters: Are an innovative way to display your tagline on the side of your building. It helps ensure that your message is read by your existing and potential customers.
  2. Directional and Wayfinding Signs: Once your visitors have arrived at your facility they will need to know where to park, which entrance to use, the location of key departments, etc. All of this is accomplished with effective directional and wayfinding signs. Well designed and installed signs will enhance your visitors’ experience.

Wayfinding sign at the entrance to a building

  1. Dimensional Logos: Your business logo needs to make its own mark. You could publicize your logo and business name through dimensional logos. It would have an impact on your existing and potential customers if your logo is professionally installed on your facility.
  2. Monument Signs: Install monument signs at strategic places, where it would make the maximum impact. Use architectural symbols to increase the exposure of your property. The use of monument signs is recommended for churches, office buildings, standalone retail stores and any business looking to make a strong statement about their facility.

Blank monument sign installed near roadway

  1. Name Plates: Make sure that you identify the individual rooms of your building using name plates. It gives a professional look to your facility. Whether it is a kitchen, lounge room, conference hall or an office; get individual nameplates for each section, if possible.
  2. Number Signs: You could use number signs to allow easy identification of office departments, hotel rooms or apartment houses. The numbering system is in fact, essential considering that the entire setup needs to be design-friendly.
  3. Restroom Signs: Last but not the least; the restroom signs could make all the difference to your public perception. While these signs are absolutely necessary, they can also build on your brand. They could be interesting as well depending on what kind of tastes you have. Make sure that you make good use of colours to get the desired impact. However, it is important that the signs are in accordance with the ADA regulations.

Business establishments are becoming increasingly competitive in their approach. An effective communication model has become a necessity for most businesses to survive. Existing and potential customers need to be properly guided while visiting your premises. The building signs play a prime role in retaining and gaining visitors and customers. They significantly increase foot traffic and consequently add to the bottom line.

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